How To Use Mission Board in Ragnarok Mobile

Ragnarok Mobile Mission Board Quest Leveling

In this Ragnarok Mobile guide, I will talk about how to level up using the mission board to increase your base EXP even faster. The previous guide on how to level up faster is just a highlight of leveling.

Mission board quest can be unlocked at Prontera once you reach level 15. Just talk to the NPC standing next to it.

In this guide, I’m going deeper into each EXP level up guide, let’s get started with the mission board first. Mission board is available in every city in Ragnarok Mobile. The mission board is limited to 10 missions per day. Each time the player who completed the mission board will receive rewards such as base EXP, job EXP, lightning chains, zeny, materials, loots, fly wings, butterfly wings, etc.

First, find the quest you wanted to do by choosing ‘Accept‘, the board will then show the exact location and the quest details. Most of the missions are either monster hunting, collecting items or delivery.

Mission Board Leveling Guide Ragnarok Mobile
After done with the quest, talk to the respective NPCs and head back to the mission board to submit the quest by choosing ‘Submit‘, now you will complete the task and will receive the rewards and will be marked as ‘Completed‘. The more mission you have completed, the more EXP you will get from the board.

Now, this process, of course, takes time when you try to do it one after another. There is some shortcut to do it, watch the video below to find out how to complete the mission board quest faster.

How to instantly complete the mission board quest?

To answer the question, meatballs can be used to instantly complete any quests in the mission board. Mission board leveling gives you an extra base & job EXPs to level up faster. If you combined this method with the basic leveling, you can get an extra boost for your character.

Get the meatballs by using Pet Labor, Pet Adventure or tapping on the pet (which give 40 meatballs after daily reset). You will accumulate more and more meatballs once your character reaches higher levels. Meatballs are important and can be used for other purposes too.

Hope this guide will help new players who want to know how to use the mission board guide in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love & Midnight Party. 🙂

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