High Fashion SOOC Recipe – For Fuji Cameras

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Magazine Fashion Like Recipe for Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

The Fujifilm High Fashion SOOC Recipe is a film simulation and camera settings that produce a sophisticated and glamorous look for fashion photography. This recipe is probably the best recipe for fashion I have created compared to the Downtown Bloom recipe. The High Fashion SOOC recipe is fine-tuned to enhance skin tones, bring out subtle colours, and add a touch of warmth to photos, creating a stylish and high-end feel just like a fashion magazine look without editing needed. How to achieve this so-called ‘High Fashion‘ effect? All will be revealed in the next section.

What High Fashion SOOC Recipe Is All About?

Looking to create a sophisticated and glamorous look for your fashion photography? Look no further than the High Fashion SOOC Recipe created specifically for Fujifilm cameras. This recipe uses the Classic Negative film simulation and with some fine-tuning of white balance, natural lighting, and camera accessories, you can achieve a magazine-worthy look straight out of the camera.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to shoot in well-lit locations or during golden hours, like the high fashion photoshoot in KL I shot recently with this recipe in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The recipe is especially well-suited for urban areas, so try it out in other cities and countries to see it really shine.

Shooting Tips With High Fashion SOOC Recipe

Most of the time, I like to shoot in the golden hour, and some times high fashion photoshoot also looks good under the sun. You probably need a wide-angle lens. For the sample photos, I’ve shot with the Fujifilm X-T4 and Fujinon XF35mm F2 lens, combined with the diffusion filter and VND filter. Using diffusion and VND filter for a fashion shoot? Yes, this is the secret to achieving the High Fashion magazine look when shooting SOOC JPEG. Guess what? I only adjusted the highlights using Fujifilm X Raw Studio, and that’s it. It looks amazing.

When looking for the best natural lighting, it is crucial to consider the location’s surroundings. The ideal setting is an area with buildings that reflect and bounce light. The reflected light can produce a soft and diffused effect that will enhance your photos’ overall quality. In this particular instance, the photoshoot was scheduled for around 11.30 am, a time when the sun is up and shining brightly. I tried to shoot under the shade as much as possible to avoid the harsh shadow casting on the model.

To get rid of the shadow on the subject, you can shoot slightly overexposed by adjusting the compensation dial-up to +1/3 stop. The Clarity setting might slow you down whenever you take a shot, so it’s all up to you to turn the Clarity off by adjusting to 0 or leave it as it is if it doesn’t annoy you. The film grain is turned off to get a clean image quality, which can be added later in the Fujifilm X Raw Studio if you want some vintage film grain.

Naturally, it is essential to remember that the high fashion SOOC recipe mentioned here is primarily intended for recreational purposes, personal shoots, or com card photoshoots. If you’re looking to conduct a professional fashion photoshoot for a well-established company, you may need to put in a significant amount of effort. Ultimately, the decision is yours. If you are new to photography, do check out the online photography courses that might be useful for your photography journey.

Fujifilm High Fashion SOOC Recipe Custom Settings

Film Simulation

Classic Negative









Noise Reduction


Grain Effect / Grain Size


Color Chrome Effect / FX Blue

Strong / Strong

WB / Color Temperature

Daylight, Red 2 & Blue -1

Exposure Compensation

Up to +1/3


Auto up to ISO 6400



Dynamic Range


Sample Photos

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