In The Mood For Teal – Fujifilm Video Recipe For Cinematic Low Light

Hong Kong Cinematic Recipe For Creative Video - Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

In The Mood For Teal Custom Settings For Video

Film Simulation

Eterna / Cinema

White Balance

4550K, +1 Red & -9 Blue

Dynamic Range












Mood: Orange Teal, Cinematic, Movie-Like, Creative

In The Mood For Teal is a visually stunning cinematic masterpiece that has been expertly crafted using the Teal Obscure recipe for photos as its inspiration. This exceptional movie recipe has been carefully adapted to allow for unique and creative video projects that require no additional color grading. With its beautiful and captivating teal hues used in films & music videos, this cinematic work of art is certain to capture the attention of audiences of all types.

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or simply a creative-minded individual looking to produce visually inspiring content, In The Mood For Teal is the perfect choice for your next video project.

Shooting With In The Mood For Teal Video Recipe

“In The Mood For Teal” is a great option for low-light shooting. Start with the lowest ISO possible, at 320 ISO, and adjust to 800 ISO if needed for additional light. A fast prime lens is ideal. For most of my videos, I use the SIRUI Sniper 23mm f1.2 lens, shooting it wide open to let in more light. I also aim to use the lowest ISO possible to enhance the low-light cinematic vibe.

Based on the Eterna / Cinema on Fujifilm film simulation, this wonderful Orange Teal movie recipe has become incredibly versatile when shooting in low light, and it’s highly sought after when it comes to creating unique and captivating visual stories. One of the standout features of this recipe is its ability to adjust the white balance shift, allowing for the creation of the popular ‘Orange Teal’ look that is frequently utilized in films and music videos.

Thanks to this fantastic movie recipe, it has never been easier to tell your visual stories and capture stunning imagery that is sure to captivate your audience. So, if you’re looking to take your visual storytelling to the next level, the Eterna / Cinema recipe is worth exploring further!

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