About Me

Ivan Cheam 2021
What is life? Be young at heart, be happy, do what you love, and have fun. Welcome to my blog. I am a web developer by day and blogger by night.

Everyone has a dream they want to pursue. I’m chasing my own dream to become a portrait photographer for influencers and vacation rental travelers.

I have been blogging since the year 2002. Readers can read various kinds of reviews for music – Pop, Dance, Mandopop to Jazz, Netflix TV shows, Blu-ray movies, and camera gears reviews. I love listening to HD music that is pleased to my ears, from classic Jazz, ballads to modern-day music. I also have huge Spotify playlists and song compilations. Please feel free to listen to my playlist and enjoy the music.

During my free time, I keep myself busy and entertained at home by doing things like meditation, binge-watching Netflix TV series, creating my own film recipes, taking street portraits photography, and reading some books for dummies.

I have developed many websites and blogs. My hobbies including photography, travel, playing video games, listening to music, Blu-ray movie collection, and of course, blogging.

That’s all. I hope you enjoy looking around and reading my blog.

You can find me on social media.