Do what you love, and have fun. 

Ivan Cheam is a remarkably versatile and accomplished photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. He is also a talented web developer and writes a popular and insightful blog called IvanYolo.

Hello and welcome to my blog. By day, I’m a web developer, and by night, I’m a blogger. IvanYolo is an award-winning lifestyle blog in Malaysia that has won the MWA Site of The Month – July 2021 / Site of the Year 2021 by Exabytes under the Personal category. Everyone has a dream that they would like to pursue.

Aside from websites, one of my favorite hobbies is photography. I am a vacation portrait photographer and also shoot for vacation rental travelers, creating a whole new travel experience for tourists in Kuala Lumpur. I mainly do portraits and street photography (one of the hardest photography categories). Generally speaking, I’m not so creative after all, so I only shoot with what I have in my mind and what looks interesting to me. In addition to photography, I also enjoy cooking and hiking in my free time. I love discovering new recipes and exploring the great outdoors.

Malaysia Website Awards 2021 - Ivanyolo
2021/2022 will be a memorable year for me because I will have gotten two awards for this site in a single year. Exabytes' MWA is gratefully acknowledged. My blog has been fully optimized for website performance and original content.

I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences through blogging since the year 2002. My readers can find a diverse range of music reviews on my website, from Pop, Dance, and Mandopop, to Jazz. Additionally, I offer lifestyle articles, Netflix TV show recommendations, Blu-ray movie reviews, and camera gear analyses.

Music is a huge passion of mine – I delight in listening to high-quality, HD music and embarked on my vinyl journey, starting with Classic Jazz and ballads and progressing to contemporary music. I curate my own extensive Spotify playlists, which you can tune into at any time. Aside from music, I occupy myself at home with various interests, such as meditation, binge-watching my latest Netflix TV series obsession, experimenting with Fujifilm recipes, taking captivating street portraits photography, and reading books on a variety of subjects.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and playing video games, as well as cultivating my knowledge and expertise in creative film photography. Ultimately, I hope that my blog provides enjoyment and entertainment for my readers. Please feel free to explore and peruse my content – you never know what fascinating stories or insights you may uncover!

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