Yashica Golden 80s Film – Retro Fujifilm X-Trans IV Recipe

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35mm Film-Like Recipe for Fujifilm X-Trans IV & X-Trans V Cameras

If you love to travel with a Fujifilm camera and would like to achieve a retro Japanese film-like colour tone, then this Yashica Golden 80s film recipe is the best for you. This is the release of one of the Fujifilm recipes with retro film-look recipes for the Fujifilm X-Trans IV and X-Trans V sensor cameras. This colour tone mimics the limited edition Yashica Golden 80s 35mm film stock. Due to constant lighting changes, the results will be different when shooting in different lighting conditions.
The actual Yashica Golden 80s 35mm film is ISO400 daylight-balanced film stock which is great for portraits and street snaps. The film has high saturation and contrast which make the results look stunning and unique. The tone of this limited edition Yashica film is very similar to the Kodak Ultramax 400 film that I shot during my travel to Crab Islands.

Actual Film Sample

What Is Yashica Golden 80s Film Recipe All About?

This Yashica Golden 80s film recipe has the retro Japanese colour tone of a Golden and magenta look when shot in daylight. This recipe is created based on the Classic Negative film simulation recipes, which is one of the best film simulations for travel and vacation. As versatile as the Nomadic Mood, you can safely be overexposed or underexposed to get the retro film look.

While it might not be 100% identical to the original film stock and also due to lighting conditions, it is best to shoot under natural light in one series of photo collections for a consistent colour tone. E.g if you are shooting at the street with greenery, then it is recommended to shoot at that same location and make it as one series if you get what I mean. Other film recipes identical to the Yashica Golden 80s recipe are the Fujicolor Pro 400H for portraits, the Superia X-TRA 400 recipe, and the Natura Classic

Yashica Golden 80s film recipe for Fujifilm cameras for travel and portraits is suitable for the newer Fuji X-Trans IV sensors including the X-T4, X-S10, X-E4, X-Pro3, X-T30II, and X100V, also compatible with the X-Trans V cameras X-T5, X-H2 & X-H2S. If you would like to explore more unique and retro colour tones, then this film recipe is the one to go for.

Yashica Golden 80s Custom Settings

Film Simulation

Classic Negative









Noise Reduction


Grain Effect / Grain Size


Color Chrome Effect / FX Blue

Strong / Strong

WB / Color Temperature

Daylight, Red 4 & Blue -2

Exposure Compensation

up to +2/3


Auto up to ISO 6400



Dynamic Range


Smooth Skin Effect (For X-Trans V)


Sample Photos

Yashica Golden 80s Japanese Retro
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR // Kuala Lumpur 2022
Yashica Golden 80s Retro Film Recipe for Fujifilm
Exposure Compensation: +1 1/3 // Fujifilm X-T4
Yashica Golden 80s Recipe
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR // Kuala Lumpur 2022

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