Cine 500T – Low Light Cinematic Recipe For Fujifilm

Low-Light Cinematic Recipe For Night Photography - Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

Cine 500T Custom Settings For Video

Film Simulation

Classic Negative

White Balance

3100K, R:-5 B:+3

Dynamic Range












Mood: Cold, Cinematic, Low-Light

If you are looking for a low-light recipe for cinematic video, then the Cine 500T recipe for video is the one to check out. Created for shooting in low light, Cine 500T is inspired by the Kodak Vision3 500T motion picture film and is similar to the Cine Obscura recipe for still images. Now you can shoot a series of photos and videos without any photo or color grading editing needed. There are slight adjustment to the Cine 500T so there will be slightly difference in color tone compared to the still images recipe.

Cine 500T is best to shoot at night in the city or b-roll reels where there are tungsten light or yellow light bulbs, great for travel and street photography. If you like to shoot vlog as well, I would recommend you can match this recipe with a diffusion filter. Hope you will like the Cine 500T and enjoy shooting more cinematic videos with it.

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