TAEYEON To. X Vinyl LP Review

Featuring stunning black-colored 180gm vinyl first pressed and made in Japan, this limited edition Taeyeon's vinyl is exquisitely curated and highly sought after by vinyl enthusiasts.

Taeyeon To. X vinyl LP is an incredibly special gem for every Taeyeon fan out there. With its limited edition release on March 4, 2024, in South Korea, it’s been a long-awaited release for all of us K-pop vinyl collectors and SONEs who have only dreamt of owning this vinyl since the mini album release back in November 2023. This, without a doubt, marks Taeyeon’s 4th vinyl release, with previous remarkable vinyl releases including I, What Do I Call You and INVU.

This album, which was reviewed for the To. X Myself CD version, has the title song of the same name, ‘To. X’, and it also includes tracks that showcase Taeyeon’s incredible vocals and talent. Additionally, following a successful The ODD of Love concert in Singapore Asian tour of 12 performances in 8 regions last August, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is back with ‘To. X’ to once again fascinate music fans with her unique sound and style. The ‘To. X’ vinyl LP comes in black and is weighted at 180gm for high-quality pressing, making it the perfect addition to any music lover’s collection. This limited edition Taeyeon’s To. X vinyl is sold out in South Korea and probably this will be the first To. X vinyl review in Malaysia? 

Securing The Taeyeon To. X Vinyl LP

Taeyeon To. X Vinyl Side A

Since there was immense demand and the product was sold out in South Korea, I am still awaiting the delivery of my very first order from TUMY’s fansite. However, due to my impatience and curiosity, I decided to explore other options and stumbled upon Shopee.

As a backup plan, I eventually decided to get another To. X vinyl from the vendor where I got my INVU vinyl from Shopee (which cost me about RM709, estimated USD$151) for future investment, providing a chance for other vinyl collectors who are looking for this limited edition To. X vinyl and hoping to increase its value over time. With the growing popularity of K-pop vinyl collecting, I believe that preserving rare and sought-after editions like this one will not only benefit me as a vinyl collector but also contribute to the wider community of music enthusiasts.

I was incredibly thrilled when the highly anticipated Taeyeon’s To. X Vinyl LP was released, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after Taeyeon vinyls by collectors. Many of her fans were eager to add this unique item to their collection, and I was among the lucky ones who secured this vinyl LP. 

After waiting for about 4 months, my much-awaited vinyl finally arrived at my doorstep, delivered without any complications through local courier services. Although there were slight delays due to the limited edition nature of this release, it was worth the wait to finally hold a copy of this amazing To. X vinyl in my hands.

Unfortunately, my recent experience with a lost parcel has left me feeling uneasy about the safety of my deliveries. In order to alleviate my concerns, I have decided to utilize the secure and reliable services provided by Parcelhub. This way, I can be confident that my parcel will be handled with the utmost care and stored in a secure location until I can retrieve it.

Parcelhub offers the P Collect convenient solution for having your parcel delivered and securely held for pickup at one of their branches. This P collect service allowed me to rest assured that my parcel from South Korea was in safe and reliable hands at Parcelhub’s location. Ensured to be stored in a secure and protected location, all I have to do is confidently present the unique reference code received and complete a nominal RM2 payment for convenient and prompt parcel collection.

The Limited Edition To. X Vinyl LP

After 4 months of waiting, I was thrilled to add To. X vinyl to my vinyl collection – it’s now my third Taeyeon LP, alongside the limited edition INVU and What Do I Call You. I truly hope with all my heart that SM Entertainment will consider reissuing her remarkable first 2015 album ‘I’ on vinyl. It was extremely challenging to locate online and the used vinyl is currently quite expensive sold by other collectors.

Featuring stunning black-colored 180gm vinyl first pressing and made in Japan, this limited edition Taeyeon’s vinyl is exquisitely curated and highly sought after by vinyl enthusiasts. With a collection of 6 tracks including “To. X”, “Melt Away”, and “Burn It Down” on Side A as well as the mesmerizing “Nightmare”, “All For Nothing”, and “Fabulous” on Side B, this record is a must-have for any true Taeyeon fan.

The To. X vinyl edition comes with stunning 30cm x 30cm size posters that are perfect for decorating your walls and adding a touch of artistic flair to your home. Display them in a square wall art frame for a truly unique look that is sure to impress.

To increase your chances of successfully acquiring a sought-after limited edition K-pop vinyl, it is imperative that you act swiftly and secure your pre-order or scour online marketplaces like online music stores or Shopee as soon as the release is announced. Delaying your search could result in a higher purchase price, as prices typically increase after the initial release date. Stay ahead of the game and act fast to ensure your collection is complete.

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