How To Increase Combat Time In Ragnarok Mobile

Ragnarok Mobile Combat Time Guide

Since the Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 has been released, we all know that the combat time has been reduced from 300 minutes to 150 minutes and maximum stacked up combat time is now at 450 mins.

Some might complaint we spend lesser time with our main characters but there are advantages to having shorter combat time. First, the advantages of having shortened combat time are:

  • More time for leveling the alternate characters
  • More time to spend with family
  • Less time spending on one character but level up faster
  • In return, get 4 times more EXP drops and drops with Meteoric Chain.

Ragnarok Mobile Student Daily Quests
Train more students to get more Mentor Rewards

Yes, there are actually ways to level up faster even with the shorten 150 minutes. In this guide, we will reveal how to increase and get more combat time with the Great Mentor’s License (Mentor Reward) and exchange it for Mentor’s Potion. You need to become a mentor and have at least 1 student. Having 3 students give you even more Great Mentor’s License.

To get more combat time, you can train your students and have students complete all the daily adventure quests such as the Board Quest, Time Rift, Training Ground, and Endless Tower. Each completed student quest will give you the Mentor Rewards.

Complete Student Daily Adventure Quests
It is recommended to have your students complete all these daily adventure quests:

  • Finish 1 Board Quest – 5 Mentor Rewards
  • Finish 2 Board Quests – 10 Mentor Rewards
  • Finish 3 Board Quests – 15 Mentor Rewards
  • Finish 2 Time Rift – 5 Mentor Rewards
  • Finish 5 Time Rift – 15 Mentor Rewards
  • Clear Training Ground – 10 Mentor Rewards
  • Accept mentor Adventure Guide – 30 Mentor Rewards
  • Pass 20 – 60 floors in Endless Tower – 140 Mentor Rewards

Great Mentor License Ragnarok Mobile
Use the Great Mentor License to get Mentor’s Potion

Mentor will be rewarded with a Great Mentor’s License and use it to get the Mentor’s Potion. This potion will prolong your combat time and recover 30 minutes of combat time. You can use the potion any time in case you have used up all your combat time for leveling or farming.

Mentor's Potion Increase Combat Time
Get Mentor’s Potion to increase and add more Combat Time in Ragnarok Mobile

You will need 60 Mentor Rewards to get the potion or purchase with 3 BCCs. We suggest you follow this guide and get the Mentor’s Potion without spending BCC. The other way of getting more combat time in Ragnarok M: Episode 6 is to listen to music in Prontera South Gate or in Guild Hall, giving an extra 30 minutes combat time.

So start training your students and collect more Mentor Rewards from now on! I hope you enjoy this guide and happy farming and leveling!

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