Best Lens FX Filters: Add A Creative Touch To Your Photos & Videos

Kaleidoscope Lens Filter

Getting bored with photography and would you like to try something new? Here I have the 5 best lens FX filters that you can use to hype up your photography experience with some creative effects. Below are some of the topics that will be discussed in this post and hope you enjoy this article and gain some knowledge.

With the power of technology & tools, we can now add filters to our photos to make them look more professional and creative. This is especially true for those who want to pursue photography as a hobby or even a career. These 5 best lens FX filters are the best options out there to add that extra touch to your photos. Now you can add any FX effects including horizontal flares, mist, and kaleidoscopes effects to your still images or videos by just attaching lens filters to your camera lens. No post-processing or filter app is needed.

It does an excellent job automatically adding realistic-looking effects to your images & videos. It’s a must-have for photographers who want to add a retro & cinematic look to their work. The lens FX filters are also great for music videos. Some of these camera special effects can be seen in music videos & films. With lens FX filters, you don’t have to go through post-processing in Photoshop or rely on any mobile app filters, just shoot it straight out of the camera.

What Cameras That Can Use Special Effect Lens Filters?

The lens FX filters work for all types of analogue SLRs, DSLRs & mirrorless cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and just to name a few, ensure you have the correct lens filter thread sizes. You can always choose a bigger FX filter thread size, and upsize it by using a ring adapter. For example, if you have a 58mm lens filter thread size, you can use a 58-77mm step-up ring for the 77mm FX filter. If you have various lenses with different filter thread sizes, adapter rings might come in handy. You can easily change the filter size and use various types of filters with your desired focal length.

For Fujifilm X shooters out there, this post might help you to kickstart. These best lens FX filters can be used along with the Fujifilm film simulation recipes for a different creative approach. In my opinion, having a Fujifilm X lens with a lens filter is one of the most exciting camera kits for this camera system. With the best lens FX filters, you won’t have to edit photos anymore.

The only downside of using FX filters is you can’t alter the effects and only stick to the SOOC JPEG, so you have to think twice before you press the shutter button. Make sure the composition, shadow & highlight reading is correct, adjust accordingly how you want the photos to look, and take the shot. These FX filters will get you wild and crazy effects, and you will definitely love to shoot more with them.

Which Lens FX Filters Should I Use?

Well, it all comes down to your own personal creativity and mood for your still images or videos. Some of these FX filters are even useful in other photography or video shooting conditions. Some photographers or videographers out there prefer to use the diffusion filters or the anamorphic lens flare effect to add a more surreal mood to their photos or videos. There are many varieties of high-quality lens FX filters to choose from.

Some of the companies that produced the highest quality lens FX filters are Prism Lens, Moment, and Creator FX. These companies produce a wide variety of lens FX filters including lens flare filters, glow filters, kaleidoscope filters, split diopter filters & prism lens filters.

These 5 best lens FX filters can be used for indoor/outdoor and studio shoots. For photographers, the dreamy mist, kaleidoscope & cinematic lens flare effects are great for creative portraits. While the lens flare & glows can be used for street photography. For videographers & filmmakers, the lens flare filters can add cinematic mood to your videos. Many videographers like to use the anamorphic lens flare effect to “reach back in time” and add a retro style to their video. There are many variants of lens FX filters to choose from, at the end of the day, just choose the one that you like.

Do not be afraid to experiment, have fun, and create something new! You will be able to find out which FX filters that work the best for you. Each FX filter has a specific purpose, so take note when looking for one. The easiest way to understand is that once you know how it works, it’s pretty much like a magic wand.

You can make your photos or videos come to life!

What are The 5 Best Lens FX Filters?

Below is a list of my top picks for the best lens FX filters. Just like the regular old lens filters that can be found in your camera bag, these speciality lens FX filters have the power to create magic in your photos, video shoots and filmmaking. It’s a great way to express your creativity and bring those images to life. I won’t force you to use my picks, but rather share what I think are the best. It’s your choice.

These filters can be used on film & digital cameras. I believe that these lens FX filters are better to be used on digital cameras with “native” lens control.

1. Diffusion filters

Usually, when you want to do something with a specific effect or look at your images, there’s no way around spending time in Photoshop. A diffusion lens filter is one of the best lens FX filters on my list, and it is the best way to add a cinematic dreamy glow and highlights bloom to your images. You can learn more about how to create dreamy photos by diffusing the highlights. The best thing about diffusion is that it is the only filter in this list which can be easily achieved with a simple lens. So if you want a simple and effective way to create dreamy backgrounds without spending too much time in Photoshop, a diffusion lens filter is the answer.

There are certainly a lot of brands out there, including the popular Moment CineBloom, Tiffen Black Pro-Mist, K&F Black Mist, and Prism Lens Dream FX filters, just to name a few. The diffusion filter is great for creative portraits, night street photography, music videos and filmmaking. You can check out some of the samples above from my dreamy street & portrait work shot with the CineBloom filter.

The Moment is another excellent brand that produces high-quality CineBloom diffusion filters. In fact, some of my photographs were taken with their products. Prism Lens FX also produced high-quality FX filters. As for the Dream FX filter alternative, you can choose either Tiffen or K&F, which is sufficient for all kinds of shooting use. Probably the best way to get those glow effects is to shoot overexposed, by increasing the highlights and letting more lights into the camera sensor or lighting that hits the filter.

2. Kaleidoscope Filters

Kaleidoscope Lens Filter Fujifilm Cameras

Kaleidoscope filters come in different types, with various benefits. Prism Lens FX is known for its Kaleidoscope lens filter products. There are many special effects that can achieve with different types of Kaleidoscope lens filters including subtle and split subtle filters. All these effects will vary when using different focal lengths. This type of lens filter is great for creative studio shoots & music videos.

If you are looking for something fun and looking for something different to awe your audience, then Kaleidoscope filters are the one for you.

3. Radiant Filters


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The Radiant FX filters let you create unique flares and specular pretty cool and interesting colors, and retro effects for your fun photoshoots or video shoot. This filter is selected as one of the best lens FX filters and is a great tool for creative portraits and music videos. For an alternative, you can try out the Starburst lens filter, which gives you an old school feel of the 80s movies. Starburst filter is great for portraits and music video shooting because of the glittering star patterns when the light hit on the filter.

It is great for creative vintage photoshoots where the light comes from the background. If you are looking for something creative and retro, these are the lens that will let you have fun shooting.

4. Lens Flare Filters

If you are looking for a cinematic lens flare, without breaking your bank with expensive anamorphic lenses, the lens flare filter is one of the best lens FX filters to go for. There are different types of lens flare color options to choose from clear, blue, orange to rainbow flares. Use these flare filters if you want to add anamorphic flare effects to your images and videos.

Lens flare can be normally seen in Sci-Fi movies, JJ Abrams and Michael Bay’s films and this can be achieved by using the blue flare filter. Use this filter for your video shoot and for your creative commercial photo shoots. Lens flare is not just limited to sunlight. It can be used to create different effects in your video content, and it can also look awesome when used under the correct lighting condition. Some of the high-quality branded lens flare filter products that you can find are the Moment CineFlare Streak filter and Prism Lens Flare FX Filter.

5. Split Diopter Filters

The split diopter filters will alter the focus within your shot. The split diopter effect is usually by cinematographers and can be seen in some old classic movies. A split diopter allows you to move the focus area of your video and blur what would otherwise be unblurred. There are also many types of diopter filters including the centre split and half-split.

According to the Masterclass website, “A split diopter is a partial lens that attaches to a standard camera lens and features at least two different focal planes. This lens attachment has the effect of greatly expanding the depth of field so that the immediate foreground and the distant background can both be in sharp focus. In filmmaking, this allows the cinematographer to convey a great deal of information or emotional content within a single shot.”

Ready to use it for your next shooting project with these best lens FX filters?

Cheaper Lens FX Filters Alternative?


Hope this review will help you in choosing which lens FX filter to buy and also gives you some knowledge on how each lens FX filter works. I will keep updating the post with some useful references & sample photos in case you need more info.

My favorite lens FX filters are the diffusion & lens flare filters because I can use them with my cinematic film recipes and creative portraits. Make you get the right filter thread size for your lens. You can always buy larger diameter FX filters and use the step-up filter ring adapters to fit on different camera lenses. This can save you some extra cash instead of getting multiple same FX filters.

For now, keep shooting and enjoy the filters!

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