Editor’s Pick: Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl LP Review

I love Karen Souza’s music, and recently, I found something awesome – the “Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl” collection. It’s like a special selection of her best songs but on these cool vinyl records. The sound is different from digital music – it’s warmer and more real. When you put the needle on the record and the first song starts playing, it feels like you’re there with Karen Souza. It’s not just an album; it’s like going on a journey, feeling all nostalgic, and getting lost in the amazing world of jazz and soul.

I have been a fan of Karen Souza for some time. After discovering her incredible music through various online platforms, such as music streaming and YouTube, I naturally became curious and delved deeper into her vinyl discography. My curiosity led me to search for “Karen Souza Vinyl” online, and to my delight, I discovered that vinyl copies of her music are actually available.

The first thing that captures the eye is the stunning transparent Crystal Yellow vinyl. As collectors know, the visual presentation of a record can be just as important as the music itself. The vibrant hue adds a touch of elegance to the album, making it a standout piece in any vinyl collection. The 12″ format allows for detailed artwork and showcases the record’s exclusivity.

Securing The Limited Edition Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl

karen souza essentials vinyl lp
Karen Souza Essentials 140gm Vinyl

Recently, I was searching for some Jazz vinyl and decided to dive into Karen Souza’s Essentials Vinyl collection. So I thought, why not experience the full potential of these tunes on vinyl instead of just relying on digital audio for my listening pleasure?

Guess what? It lived up to my expectations! Karen Souza Essentials vinyl is my first Vocal Jazz vinyl LP and the reason to got this is to test it out on my audiophile setup. If you’re looking for a high-quality music experience, I highly recommend investing in a stereo setup with integrated amplifiers and giving Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl a try. And if you’re new to Hi-Fi systems, check out the Hi-Fi setup for beginners to get started.

At first, it was really hard to find the Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl. I checked lots of places online and in stores, but no luck. I didn’t give up, though. I kept looking, and finally, I found it on Discogs, a website where people sell music stuff. After searching a lot, I found a seller called Lot.Of.Music from The Netherlands had new copies of the vinyl. I quickly ordered it, feeling super happy that I finally got my hands on this special item.

I was incredibly fortunate to have snagged this prized possession for a mere €24.85 (shipping excluded, of course) – a total steal, especially for a rare and highly coveted vinyl that’s part of a limited edition release. The total cost, including shipping, came out to €44.84, or approximately MYR230. For the price you’re paying for this one-of-a-kind vinyl record, which isn’t even available in Malaysia, it’s definitely worth it.

I tried to find Karen Souza’s vinyl records in Malaysia, but I wasn’t able to find one. It was shipped using PostNL with a tracking code and took about one and a half weeks to arrive at my doorstep. It was convenient as I could check the status of my package from time to time. Learn how to find vinyl records in my ultimate guide for more details.

Karen Souza Essentials vinyl comes in a beautiful, translucent yellow color that will add a pop of sunshine to your collection. This high-quality vinyl is 140gm, ensuring both durability and superior sound quality. There are a total of 10 tracks on both the A side and B side, each of them holding a special place in my heart. Amongst these tracks are some of my all-time favorites, including the hauntingly beautiful “Creep”, the iconic “Every Breath You Take” and the irresistibly catchy “Tainted Love”.

Listening On The Old Stereo Amplifier

I tried out this vinyl with an old stereo amplifier from 1985 that I recently bought on Facebook Marketplace. You don’t need an expensive setup; even with a basic and affordable one, the sound is fantastic. The Karen Souza Essentials vinyl has incredible sound quality. With my vinyl setup, when I listened using the NAD 3130 amplifier and Jamo loudspeakers, the vocals and the overall sound were clear, rich, and lively.

The bass had a good kick too. It felt like a whole different experience compared to using my Yamaha Aventage, even though people usually say Yamaha is great for music, but not with an AV receiver. Plus, I didn’t even have to crank up the volume too high to enjoy it.

After considering the potential benefits, I have decided to test whether utilizing an external phono stage, which is the Douk Audio T4 Pro preamp, as opposed to the turntable’s preamp, would result in any improvements in sound quality. The results, are unbelievable, achieving high-quality sound from just basic audio equipment.

Karen Souza Vinyl - Must Have Jazz Vinyl Collection

Karen Souza Essentials Vinyl

Playing a Karen Souza vinyl record is a special experience – you get to touch the record, hear a little crackle as the music starts, and enjoy the cool pictures on the big album cover. Whether it’s the “Essentials Vinyl” or exploring all of her music on vinyl, Karen Souza’s music is like a party for your ears, celebrating the awesome sound of old-school music and showing how timeless her music is.

The limited vinyl LP pressing of her 2011 album “Essentials” has been reissued in 2023, enticing audiophiles and collectors alike. In this review, we delve into the auditory and visual delights offered by this limited edition 12″ vinyl, weighing in at 140gm and featuring a mesmerizing transparent Crystal Yellow color.

I cannot wait to expand my collection with more of the mesmerizing vocal Jazz vinyl performed by the incredibly talented Karen Souza. This includes Karen Souza’s Essentials II vinyl and Hotel Souza vinyl. Hopefully, I will be able to get these vinyls from the same seller. It is no surprise that this LP has rightfully earned its place among the best vocal Jazz records that I have curated.

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