Top 7 Best Fuji Recipes For Fujifilm Cameras 2022

Downtown Bloom - Best Fuji Recipe

Here I have compiled a list of the 7 best Fuji recipes of 2022 selected from the Fujifilm recipes I’ve created so far. From SOOC film recipes to custom film simulation recipes, these settings are great for street photography, portraits and travel use. These recipes are also my favourite and were stored on my Fujifilm camera all the time. By storing the recipes in a Fujifilm camera, I can switch to different recipes and shoot as I like.

When switching and shooting with different recipes frequently, you may become confused after the shoot and have no idea which recipes you used. So, when shooting between various recipes, you can shoot at the gravel, intentionally blur your image, or snap a plain black image in between the recipes. This may aid you in knowing which recipe you shot with.

7 All-Time Best Fuji Recipes on

In this list of the 7 best Fujifilm recipes, I will include recipes that use distinct tones. Kodachrome 64 and Downtown Bloom have slight white balance shifts but will produce different results depending on lighting conditions. Hopefully, you’ll be pleased with the SOOC results by using these fine-tuned recipes.

1. Nomadic Mood

Nomadic Mood - Best Fuji Recipe

No doubt, this is one of the best Fuji recipes for travel, which is also my favourite for candid street photography and travel sightseeing use. You will never go wrong with this recipe because it is versatile, you can shoot in daylight, indoors, outdoors, at night or anywhere you like, it’s all-in-one. Straight out of the camera and no editing is needed. Check Nomadic Mood recipe settings and more sample photos.

2. Vision Obscura

Vision Obscura - Best Fuji Recipe

This is one of my bespoke Obscura recipes that mimic the Kodak Vision3 250D in daylight. Some Fujifilm shooters might not like this type of muted tone but this is good if you want to get creative with your shots. For something dark & moody, the Carbon Obscura is the one to go for. This is great for street photography and uses Classic Chrome, which is known as the best film simulation for streets. This street photography film recipe gives a great advantage to most Fujifilm X-Trans IV camera owners. Check out Vision Obscura and more sample photos.

3. Downtown Bloom

Downtown Bloom - Best Fuji Recipe

This is one of the best recipes that I’ve been using all the time for portrait photoshoot sessions. It is recommended to use a diffusion filter. 80% of my portrait projects are shot with this recipe. If you haven’t tried shooting with diffusion filters or any creative lens FX filters before, then this is the best time to invest in one of your photography accessories! View Downtown Bloom recipe settings and more sample photos. Downtown Bloom is featured on ‘5 Raw Stopping Fujifilm Recipes in 5 mins‘ by Goughie on Youtube.

4. Noir Bloom

Noir Bloom - Best Fuji Recipe

Noir Bloom is one of my favourite black and white film simulation recipes that I have used for shooting portraits and streets. This B&W recipe gives a moody vibe to your subject along with the dreamy bloom from the diffusion filter to get the film look. View Noir Bloom sample photos and the settings.

5. Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra 400 - Best Fuji Recipe

For Fuji shooters that are obsessed with the Kodak Portra 400, you can try out my version of the Kodak Portra 400 film recipe, one of the most popular Fuji recipes which has a less warm tone, is lighter for the eyes and is more natural.

6. Kodachrome 64

Kodachrome 64 - Best Fuji Recipe

This Kodachrome 64 film recipe is worth being listed as the 7 best Fujifilm recipes and also one of the best film recipes for street photography. This recipe will yield unexpected results that you’ll love when you’re shooting in different lighting conditions.

7. Natura Classic

Natura Classic - Best Fuji Recipe

For this film-look recipe, the Natura Classic film recipe is a replica of the Fujifilm Natura & Superia that is perfect for sightseeing, travel, and even portrait shots. The tone that came straight from the camera is very different and resembles vintage Japanese-style photos.


There are some of my best Fuji recipes of 2022 I’ve selected and used most by Fujifilm shooters out there. Have you heard of or tried any of these film simulation recipes already? Each of these created recipes is unique and is good for certain street photography projects such as portrait photoshoots, candid streets, travel, and so on. If you’re asking me what are my favorite recipes, I would say it’s Nomadic Mood for its moody tone, Vision Obscura for its high contrast muted tone, and Downtown Bloom for the dreamy portraits and cinematic look.

Check out the 7 best Film Recipes 2024 saved in My Fujifilm camera for the latest list.

That’s all for now and happy shooting SOOC JPEG.

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