Here I have another new custom portrait film recipe suitable for lifestyle and fashion portrait shoots called ‘Classy Glow‘. This film recipe is a little different from any other film recipe you can find on the internet. You will need some camera accessories to achieve the effect, which I think is quite interesting and creative when creating my own Fujifilm X-T4 custom recipe.

You can shoot straight out of the camera and get beautiful glowing portraits with this method which I am going about to share below. It took me quite some time to come up with a new film recipe because of the pandemic lockdown but now I’m back to shooting portraits and being able to reveal the magic behind this latest ‘Classy Glow’ fashion portrait film recipe.

What Classy Glow film recipe is all about?

This custom film recipe on the steroid of Urban Chic is specially created for outdoor fashion portraits and the White Balance shift colour tone is adjusted more to the red side and it’s different from the previous recipes or the Retro Allure. This will create a more feminine look to your photos and then the use of Auto White Balance combined to create a classic warm sunset feel. Shooting with the X-T4 is great because I can experiment and play around with the Classic Negative film simulation.

If you want to be less hassle in photo editing and shoot SOOC JPEG, make sure your exposure is accurate as Classic Negative might get a little dark on the shadow. Usually, fashion portraits need deep colour to have the model ‘pop‘ in the images, I’ve adjusted the film recipe settings to Color to +2, and Sharpening to +1. As long as there is enough lighting in your shooting area, it is sufficient to achieve a similar colour effect.

Classy Glow Film Recipe Custom Settings

Film Simulation: Classic Negative
Dynamic Range: Auto
Highlight: 0
Shadow: +1
Color: +2
Noise Reduction: -4
Sharpening: +1
Clarity: 0
Grain Effect: Off
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
Color Chrome FX Blue: Weak
White Balance: Auto WB, +4 Red & +4 Blue
ISO: Auto
Aperture: Wide Open
Push/Pull: +1/3 to +1

Tips: When shooting during the golden hour or in the shade, use Auto White Balance with Classic Negative to achieve a warm colour tone.

Classy Glow Sample Images

Classy Glow Fashion Dreamy Portrait Fujifilm Film Recipe
Portrait photo shoot with @helengorkava

Classic Negative Fashion Portrait - Classy Glow Fuji Setting
Classy Glow Fashion Portrait Fuji Settings

Depending on the lighting and camera settings, you can achieve this look with exposure compensation. You can check out some of the camera settings I’ve used on my X-T4 to achieve the best portrait shots when you shoot outdoor. I can’t guarantee you will get the same look but I suggest shooting outdoor with good lighting, in the shade when the sun is less harsh to your subject. To create these glowing effects, you can use a diffusion filter, it will smoothen the subject skin and create low contrast for dreamy vibes.

Also check out my latest Fujifilm film simulation for street fashion portrait recipe, perfect recipe for photoshoot in the city.

I am currently using K&F Black Mist 1/8 filter and the Fujinon XF35mm F2 prime lens and Aperture Priority mode. You can try using any of the portrait lenses or stronger diffusion filters as you like. The K&F diffusion filter really helps in skin tones and make your subject glow during the sunset using the backlight technique, depending on your angle and how you use the sunlight. If you are looking for a smaller camera with all the film simulations available in the X-T4, check out the new Fujifilm X-T30 II.

As a freelance photographer in Malaysia who loves experimenting with custom film recipes for Fujifilm X Series models with the Classic Negative film simulation, I’m sure there will be more created in the future.

If you like this ‘Classy Glow’ film recipe for fashion portraits, you will definitely have fun shooting SOOC. Feel free to share this recipe with your friends on social media.