Dark Night – Video Recipe For Fujifilm Cameras

Cinematic Teal Recipe For Video - Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

Dark Night Custom Settings For Video

Film Simulation

Eterna / Cinema

White Balance

Shade, R:-5 B:-6

Dynamic Range












Mood: Dark, Cinematic, Mysterious, Teal

Dark Night is a cinematic recipe for video on the Fujifilm cameras, that is inspired by Batman and Joker movies. This movie custom setting for video are great for outdoor or indoor shoots in low-light conditions. If you fancy the teal tone then this recipe has the colour tone you want. As mentioned in the film recipes for video list, it is best to match the recipe for video with any lens FX filter including diffusion filters, anamorphic filters, FX diopters, ND filters and so on to make your video even more cinematic.
It is based on the Eterna cinema film simulation built-in on the Fujifilm cameras, which gives a film look movie. Great for shooters who don’t want to use LUT or colour grading but want to share their footage immediately.
Save this Dark Night custom setting by accessing your Fujifilm camera by pressing Menu > Movie Setting > Edit/Save Custom Setting

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