Listen to the Best Japanese City Pop Songs Now and Chill

Best Japanese City Pop Songs

Do you fancy some best Japanese city pop songs playlist? Then you will like this post. Here, I would share some of the best Japanese city pop songs to enjoy all day long. Most of the iconic city pop tracks on this playlist were performed by some Japanese popular artists and singers in the 70-80s.

If you’re looking for some chill, relaxed music to help you wind down or just want to feel like you’re in a Japanese city, then look no further than this great playlist of city pop songs. These tracks will transport you to a bustling metropolis full of energy and life, giving you the perfect backdrop to relax or work to.

Tokyo has always been the epicenter of Japanese pop culture and contemporary music, so it’s only natural that there are a lot of great songs about the city. In this playlist, you’ll find some of the best city pop songs written about Tokyo and its various neighborhoods, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, and Asakusa.

If you fancy new city pop, then you can check out modern city pop artist Hitomitoi, known as the queen of contemporary city pop. Some of the popular 80s Japanese city pop artists are Mariya Takeuchi, Miki Matsubara, Anri, Junko Ohashi, Yamashita Tatsuro, Taeko Onuki, just to name a few. You can find out more of the popular city pop artists in the playlist here.

Best 80s Japanese City Pop Songs – Editor’s Pick

  1. Mariya Takeuchi – Plastic Love (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Miki Matsubara – Stay With Me (Editor’s Pick)
  3. Taeko Onuki – 4:00A.M. (Editor’s Pick)
  4. Anri – Windy Summer (Editor’s Pick)
  5. Takahashi Reiko 高橋玲子 – サンセット・ロード (Editor’s Pick)
  6. Junko Yagami – 黄昏のBay City
  7. Junichi Inagaki – ドラマティック・レイン
  8. Kingo Hamada – midnight cruising’
  9. Yurie Kokubu – スノッブな夜へ
  10. Miki Matsubara – Wash

Japanese City Pop Playlists: The Best City Pop Songs to Chill To

Listening to Japanese city pop songs can help you relax and chill. To help you get started, the playlist below are several 80s city pop songs that are perfect for travel, road trip, relaxing at home with friends or just driving in the midnight city.

The songs are all in Japanese, listening to some of these 80s city pop songs will definitely give you an awesome nostalgic feeling of the urban nightlife city pop.

The city pop songs are a great way to unwind after a long day of work for stress release. If you want to get some awesome music while you travel, check out the list of Best Japanese City Pop Music on Spotify playlist. The playlist below will be updated from time to time to give you the best music enjoyment.

If you are enjoying upbeat tunes and catchy beats, then this genre is for you. Are you a hardcore fans, you can get these rare Japanese city pop vinyl albums and CDs via HMV Japan or Amazon.

I first discover the Japanese City Pop songs while having lunch at a Japanese ramen restaurant in Ipoh, after I came back from my vacation trip in Penang. I was quite surprised to hear a bunch of Japanese city pop music in the background, I was completed turned on, done some online researches and created the city-pop playlist.

The curated Japanese city pop songs playlist below are also suitable for Japanese restaurants or cafes. I might not go in-depth into each songs so I’ll keep this post short and nice. Hope you can find some nice lost mainstream Japanese songs which hit popularity decades in the 70s and 80s.

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