Ragnarok Mobile F.Dancer Guild Gathering @ SS2 PJ

Ragnarok Mobile F.Dancer Guild

It was my first time joining my friend’s F.Dancer guild gathering at SS2 recently and it was nice to meet real people who are also playing the game.

Our guild gathering was set at 7pm at Murni, took our dinner, have a short introduction and chit-chat with guild members. It was nice to meet back my classmate from secondary school after 20 years. We are classmates in the year 1995 at SMKB.

Okay, pinjam the group picture from Muzz ya.

Ragnarok Mobile Gathering in KL
That was like 20 years ago! OMG. She is also the founder of the guild called F.Dancer (Fantasia Dancer), taking care of the guild and members. It was also a coincidence I met one of my ex-colleague! What a small world.

After the dinner, we headed to Wong Kok SS2 for WOE and WOC. It was fun to have everyone sitting and play games together. Probably one of my first best gaming experiences along with 16 members. That was a lot of people actually!

SMKB Classmate 1995
And it’s selfie time!

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