Catchlights Photography Tutorial

Create Catchlights and Make Your Photos Pop

Catchlights are an important element in photography that can make or break a photo. They are the small highlights in a subject’s eyes that give the photo life and depth. Without catchlights, photos can often look dull and lifeless. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to create catchlights and make your photos pop.

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Kodak ProImage 100 - Bukit Bintang

Kodak ProImage 100 Film, Best For Streets & Travel

This is the Kodak ProImage 100 35mm film that was stored in the fridge for a few months before I decided to give it a try since I don’t have any portrait shoots at the moment. Hearing the sound of the film shutter button being triggered for each shot gives a sense of pleasure to film photographers and you will want to shoot even more. Are you having the same vibes too?

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