papurudorimu – SOOC Dreamy Purple Film Recipe

Japanese Dreamy Purple Film Recipe for Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

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I have been experimenting with some bluish purple tone film simulation recipes, and it looks like pāpurudorīmu, a.k.a Purple Dream film recipe, is one of my favorites. Finding a bluish purple film recipe that works straight out of the camera is hard. If you like some classic Japanese tone or expired 35mm film look that casts a purple tone, the pāpurudorīmu purple film recipe might be the one for you.

pāpurudorīmu bluish purple film recipe for Fujifilm cameras is inspired by Ryoko Hirosue, and this purple tone can also be seen in some expired film stocks. Here are some examples of how this Purple Dream film recipe is created. I don’t expect it to look the same, but it has a similar purple mood when shooting SOOC JPEG.

What pāpurudorīmu a.k.a Purple Dream Film Recipe Is All About?

pāpurudorīmu (パープルドリーム) is a film recipe inspired by the purple color tone seen in Ryoko Hirosue’s photos. pāpurudorīmu, or Purple Dream in English, is fine-tuned to work in the daylight and specialized for dreamy portrait shoots and street photos. This blueish purple film recipe can also be used for night shoots and low-light conditions. You have to find the best light.

Created based on the Classic Negative film simulation for high-contrast tone, Purple Dream can be used with the diffusion lens filter combined with adequately fine-tuned custom settings. The Clarity is adjusted to -5 which helps create a more dreamy look, although there will be a delay in shooting. If it annoyed you, you could turn off the Clarity to 0. I rarely use Auto Ambience Priority for most Fujifilm recipes, but I used it for pāpurudorīmu film recipe if you’re planning to shoot night scenes. It will add a little warm tone to your night shots.

Check out more Japanese film-look recipes, such as the Fujicolor Pro 400H, Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400 film recipe, to name a few.

The film grain has been adjusted to Off to maintain the image quality. This purple film recipe is a fine-tuned version of the LomoChrome Purple I created a while ago. The white balance purple tone for pāpurudorīmu is pretty subtle and slightly noticeable, which I like.

Papurudorimu / Purple Dream Film Recipe Custom Settings

Film Simulation

Classic Negative









Noise Reduction


Grain Effect / Grain Size


Color Chrome Effect / FX Blue

Strong / Strong

WB / Color Temperature

Auto White Priority, Red 0 & Blue 7

Exposure Compensation

Up to 1/3


Auto up to ISO 6400



Dynamic Range


Sample Photos

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Purple Dream with film grain added
Purple Low Light Recipe
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Purple Film Recipe Fuji X-Trans IV
Purple Dream
Dreamy Purple Film Recipe
Purple Film Recipe At Night
Purple Dream Recipe For Fujifilm Camera

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