Luna Shadows god.drugs.u, Best Electronic Downtempo

god.drugs.u Luna Shadows

Luna Shadows recent single release god.drugs.u caught me with its dreamy downtempo music and ambient filled instruments. I have compiled it as the #1 electronic downtempo track for readers on Nocturnal.

god.drugs.u is released in June 2019, so considered it’s quite new and deserved to receive more listen because it really feels good when listening to it. The vocal is so relaxing when combined with its slow dreamy synth and background vocal in the background. I think this track is worth it to purchase online for my Hi-Res audio collection.

Luna Shadows
Luna Shadows is a multi‐instrumentalist and singer/writer/producer from Los Angeles. Most of Luna Shadows songs received quite a lot of streams on Spotify and reached #7 in the US music chart.

For Hi-Res Audio fans who love downtempo, you can get god.drugs.u track in 24-Bit Hi-Res for only €2.99 (around MYR13.85) at Qobuz Download Store. Trust me, it’s worth buying this track and has it in the music collection.

If you like indie pop & downtempo, Luna Shadows is the one to listen to. Streaming is available on all music streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and more. Find out more about Luna Shadows on social media for more music.

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