What’s New in July on Netflix

It’s ‘popcorn time’ or we call it ‘chill & relax’ when it comes to watching Netflix. There are a few good Netflix TV Series & movies released in July 2019. Here I have compiled a list of Top 10 Netflix to be added to your Netflix ‘My List’.

Go grab some snacks & drinks and be prepared for a Netflix marathon the whole day & night long. July’s Netflix new movies and TV series releases will make sure you stick to the chair for hours. From horror, comedy to thriller & suspense, these are the most-watched, popular and most talk about Netflix TV & films at the moment.

Eat Popcorn
If you haven’t subscribed to Netflix, new subscribers can watch all Netflix TV shows and Netflix films for free online when you sign up as new members. New subscribers are required to enter their payment methods either using a credit/debit card or pay using mobile.

First-time subscribers will be given free 30 days to watch all TV shows & movies and can cancel anytime before the Netflix bill charges for the second month.

You’ll get 1 month of unlimited free Netflix streaming to get rid of boredom, save money. Save money by watching Netflix, huh?

That’s because whenever going out of the house, for shopping, dining, etc, you’ll spend money to buy something. Why not stick to the chair, chill, relax and watch Netflix on the weekdays or weekends is the way to save money!

Best Netflix TV Shows – July List

Netflix subscribers can also watch TV shows anywhere they like, just download the Netflix mobile app and it’s good to go. If using a laptop or desktop, you can watch it online on the web player. Sound great! Now, let’s get into the most talked about and popular Netflix TV shows & movies list of July 2019.

1. Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 is probably one of the most favourite TV shows for Netflix subscribers. It was popular and everyone has been discussing it on social media or a word of mouth. Eleven returns again in this third season of Stranger Things and things have been spicing up in these episodes. It is up to you to watch Eleven encounter monsters and the danger coming her way.

2. Kingdom

A new plague outbreak that turns humans into zombie-like that happened during the medieval Korea era. This 3 seasons will able to stick on the seat for long hours! There are already good comments about this thrilling Korean TV drama/action.

3. Supergirl

Supergirl has returned in Season 3 and a few new characters and villains are introduced in this episodes on Netflix.

4. Descendants Of The Sun

Probably was one of the most talked-about South Korean love drama, is now on Netflix. Watch the hot Korean actor Song Koong-ki & Sung Hye-kyo encounter the danger together. For those who are not aware, both the actor and actress are awarded the ‘Asia Best Couple’.

Best Netflix Movies Selection – July List

5. The Shallows

A survival film and story about a female surfer named Nancy Adams who was stranded 180m from the beach after being bitten by a Great White shark. She tries all her best to escape the danger, plus she is a medical student. I would recommend getting some food and drinks before watching this movie because the action is there!

6. Murder Mystery

The latest comedy movie on Netflix about a married couple who go on a vacation but framed for the murder of a billionaire. Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anniston is bringing all the funny acts trying to solve the murder mystery.

7. Spiderman Into The Verse

An animated Marvel series about Miles Morales becoming Spider-Man and meeting 5 counterparts – Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy), Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, and Peni Parker from another dimension. Miles have to gain the confidence of becoming the real Spider-Man to defeat the villains including Octavius, Scorpion, Prowler and many more. It is a fun 2-hours long animated movie with lots of fast-paced action to watch on the weekend.

8. Ghost

Adults who heard of the song Unchained Melody will know about the Ghost movie. A romance film about a lovely couple Sam & Molly was walking on the street and later got robbed. Sam was shot in the stomach and was dead. He became a ghost who tried to contact Molly of the danger she was about to encounter. There are a few steamy scenes in the movie you might like.

Must Watch Asian Netflix New Releases – July List

9. Bangkok Love Stories: Plead

New 2019 episodes of the Bangkok Love Stories have returned to Netflix and this episode was about a digital marketing expert named El (Sutatta Udomsilp) who falls for a blind fortune teller Tee, but their love is predestined to end in disaster. Check out more Bangkok Love Stories listed in the best Thai TV Series on Netflix list.

Thai Cave Rescue

An hour-long documentary of the incident where 13 students were trapped in the caves in Thailand, waiting for rescue to come. Find out what was happening in this documentary.