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Photo gallery of street photography in Malaysia, portraits & travel photos shot in films and digital format by Ivan Cheam.

B&W Double Exposure Street Photography

Creative street photography challenge using double exposure shot on film camera

Motion Blur Without Tripod
Kuala Lumpur 2022

About Street Photography Gallery in Malaysia​

Street photography photos in Malaysia can be a great source of inspiration, and the street photography gallery by Ivan Cheam is full of some of the best examples out there. I am still learning new things every time I go for a street photo walk and I’m not claiming to be an expert in street photography or portrait photography but it’s easier than ever to get street photography right now.

In fact, you can get better and more frequent results if you shoot more often! Just follow these simple steps:

Popular Street Photography Quotes

Fujifilm X-T4 BW Double Exposure
petaling street 2022 street photography
Film Photography Night Contax G1 Kodak Vision3 500T
Kodak Vision3 Test Street Photography Daylight
Pulau Ketam Street Photography Malaysia 2022
Street Photography Kwai Chai Hong 2022

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