Noir Flick – B&W Classic Video Recipe For Fujifilm

Cinematic & Classic Recipe For Video - Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

Noir Flick Custom Settings For Video

Film Simulation


White Balance

Auto, R:-3 B:3

Dynamic Range












Mood: Cinematic, Dark, Stylish, Classic

Noir Flick is one of the latest editions of classic movie recipes for Fujifilm cameras, inspired by classic films that create a cinematic and dark look for your filmmaking projects. This video recipe is based on the One for the Road & Noir Bloom B&W film recipe. If you want to create some B&W footage, this fine-tuned B&W video recipe for Fujifilm cameras is the best option. Best to add the cinematic and dark mood while also making stylish and classic videos for your projects, vlogs, etc.

Black and white movies were the standard for cinema from the late 1800s until the 1950s, when color film became more common. Despite the advent of color film, many filmmakers continue to use black and white as a stylistic choice. This is often done to create a certain mood or atmosphere, to harken back to the classic era of cinema, or to convey a certain sense of timelessness or nostalgia. Some filmmakers also use black and white to create a sense of grittiness or highlight a subject’s starkness.

Based on the high-contrast custom settings of the One for the Road recipe, you can shoot under high-contrast scenes or cloudy to bring out the dark mood I’ve been talking about. All you need to do is adjust the exposures on the ISO, Shutter speed & Aperture to your liking, be it overexposed or underexposed, and you’re good to go. Shooting surrounded by buildings where the light comes from one direction is recommended.

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