7 Best Film Recipes Saved In My Fujifilm Camera Right Now 2023

Best Film Recipes Fujifilm Cameras

It’s been quite some time since I’ve penned down a new blog post. However, recently I’ve been having some trouble with my camera settings; specifically my Fujifilm X-T4. I had to perform a hard reset, which meant that I had to go back through all my Fujifilm custom settings and carefully handpick the 7 best film recipes to restore to my camera’s settings. With the new empty custom settings, selecting my presets has become much more manageable and smoother. This is a different list compared to the previous 2022 list of recipes.

I spent a great deal of effort in selecting the best film recipes that could perform reasonably well under varying weather conditions and could be switched with ease through the quick menu feature.

Trust me when I say, that I’ve thoroughly gone through each Fujifilm recipe to provide optimal functioning under different circumstances, ranging from low lighting conditions to sunny days. With these pre-selected film recipes, you can take awesome shots while traveling, for portraits, and for street photography. So, whatever your preferences are, rest assured the best film recipes will elevate your photography game.

Best Film Recipes In My Fujifilm Cameras

By quickly selecting one of the 7 film simulation recipes saved on my Fujifilm X-T4 camera, I can easily switch between frequently changing scenes. Whether shooting urban streets or portraits, all of these stored custom settings come in handy whenever I need them.

1. Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400

Fujicolor Pro 400H Best Film Recipes 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR

One of my favorite Japanese film-look recipes for Fujifilm, I love to shoot using this Superia X-TRA 400 recipe when there is greenery. Whether it’s landscapes or taking photos of people, the muted green tone really looks great. Check out more photo results of the pre-wedding photoshoot using this recipe. There are also the correct methods to achieve the tone look by checking out the recipe’s custom settings. Works great when there are well-lit places with trees in the background.

2. Nomadic Mood

Nomadic Mood Best Fujifilm Best Fujifilm Recipe 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR

The Nomadic Mood recipe has never left my camera since the day I created it. It was saved on my Fujifilm camera and can be used for almost any situation, from daylight to low-light conditions. This is one of the all-time best Fujifilm recipes and is mostly used by other Fujifilm users as well.

Whenever I travel overseas, this recipe never disappoints. This recipe is also featured as one of the best travel recipes for Fujifilm cameras, at the moment. I have this recipe saved in my camera for years now and still shooting with it. Now you know which custom settings are worth storing in your camera.

3. Kodak Ultramax 400

Kodak Ultramax 400 Best Film Recipes 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR

Yet another one of the best film recipes that has been stored in my camera all the while is the Kodak Ultramax 400 film recipe, this recipe is sometimes picky with the background locations, it might work and might not. Inspired by the actual film stock, this works well in an urban location with sufficient bright sunlight. Check out the film’s custom settings for instructions on how to shoot. This recipe has been stored in my camera since I created it.

4. Timeless Provia

Timeless Provia Best Fujifilm Recipe 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR

When it comes to capturing life’s precious memories, the Timeless Provia is great for producing sharp and vivid color tones. This film recipe is able to help capture moments that will stand the test of time, giving you breathtaking images that tell a story.

What’s more, with the added flexibility to shoot based on your mood of the day, you can experiment with different techniques and settings to create unique, eye-catching photos that truly stand out. Choose the Timeless Provia and discover the power of capturing life’s precious moments with stunning visual impact. Add a filter to instantly change the mood to a dreamy look photo.

5. Ethereal Street

ethereal street best fuji recipe 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR

This is one of the most obsessed and most used Fujifilm recipes for 2023 for ethereal and dreamy photos. To make the most of this recipe, it’s recommended that you pair it with a vintage lens. The combination of this recipe and the vintage lens results in truly stunning images that seem to transport you to another place and time.

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible technique, the Ethereal Street recipe offers valuable insights and tips to make sure you get the perfect shot.

6. One for the Road

Street Photography Malaysia Storytelling

Travel photography can be unpredictable, and sometimes, your surroundings may not suit a specific color palette in your pictures. In such situations, a black & white film simulation can do wonders and is inspired by Daido Moriyama B&W film era. But what if you don’t have the time to mess around with complex settings? That’s where the recipe One for the Road comes in handy. This preset can be accessed quickly from your camera’s Quick Menu, allowing you to capture stunning Japanese-style black and white photos with ease.

The recipe is optimized for travelers who are on the go and need to produce flawless results in any environment. So the next time you’re in a hurry and don’t want to miss a photo opportunity, don’t stress over which settings to use. Simply select the recipe for the Road, and you will be on your way to capturing breathtaking black and white photos in no time.

7. Vision Obscura

Vision Obscura Best Fujifilm Recipe 2023
Fujifilm X-T4, Asahi Pentax SMC Takumar 45mm f1.4

Tested by professional street photographers, Vision Obscura has been dubbed as one of the top 7 best Fujifilm recipes of all time. The Kodak Vision 250D inspired recipe provides a unique blend of colors and tones that are perfect for street photography. Its cinematic film look brings a distinct mood and atmosphere to photos, making them stand out from the rest. The recipe has been tested and proven by professionals and is highly recommended for those looking to take their Fujifilm photography to the next level.

With Vision Obscura, photographers can transform their photos into works of art, capturing and conveying the essence of the streets like never before. Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and see why Vision Obscura is considered one of the best Fujifilm recipes of all time!


In conclusion, I am delighted to share that my camera holds a treasure trove of the seven best film recipes in 2023 that are sure to take your photography skills to the next level. These recipes have been meticulously crafted, tried, and tested to deliver stunning results and bring your creative vision to life.

From capturing vibrant landscapes to documenting intimate moments, Fujifilm recipes offer endless possibilities. In 2023, I can confidently say that these recipes have elevated my photography game and enabled me to unleash my full potential as a photographer.

So, if you are looking to expand your repertoire of techniques and add more depth and richness to your images, look no further than the seven best Fujifilm recipes that are saved in my camera right now.

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