Basic Fast Leveling Guide & Tips for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Ragnarok Eternal Love Fast Levelling Guide

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the latest MMORPG game released on mobile recently in Oct 2018. Yes, the infamous Ragnarok with cute characters is back and now available on the Android and iOS platforms. I have been playing the game for a month now and I guess it’s time to reveal how to level up fast in this latest Ragnarok leveling guide. This game can be very addictive once you have started.

If you are looking to increase your character base and job levels so you can proceed faster for job change in Ragnarok Mobile, you have landed on the right page. Here you can find some basic steps on how to level up your Ragnarok character faster. Leveling a character in Ragnarok Eternal Love can take a long time, but with this guide, you will experience the so-called power leveling.

This guide is suitable for all classes including Priest, Mage, Wizard, Ranger, Assassin Cross, Rogue, High Wizard, Champion, Crusader and so one.


I have experimented the fast leveling on several characters, it works great and I am here to share with you this tips & a guide to increase your Ragnarok M character leveling speed.

1. Food Consumption to Increase ATK Damage

Ragnarok Eternal Love Dish Food Level Up Fast Guide

Consuming dishes or food will increase your ATK, M.ATK, DEF, etc up to 208 minutes. Let say you consume 3x same foods to increase M.ATK, your M.ATK will increase 3X for that duration. Different type of food has different effects, some increase AGI, Int, Dex and so on. So make sure you consume food that benefits to your character. If you have a Priest, consume food to increase his/her INT and Dex so that the effect will increase the magic attack damage. Thus, with increased attack damage, you can kill a monster as quickly as possible and move on to the next one.

2. Party Up, Get Buff & Level Up Fast with DPS Rangers & Bard/Dancers!

Ragnarok M Priest Buff Levelling Guide

A Priest can deal high damage to demons, they are also a good supporter to their teammates. A Priest can be beneficial for character level up. Go on and invite a Priest in your party. A Priest’s ‘Blessing‘ skills can buff and boost your stats, increase your defense, attack damage and AGI as well as cast shield skill such as Kyrie Eleison so that monsters will temporarily miss their hits, therefore you will hit faster to kill off the monsters before the skill cast ends. Also, team up with a group of Rangers, Bards or Dancers as they can hit fast and have high DPS, the more rangers in a party the more EXP you’ll get!

3. Complete all Mission Board Quests

Ragnarok Mission Board Leveling Guide

In this leveling guide for increasing your character level faster, I suggest completing all mission board quests. It might be quite troublesome when doing the board quests because you need to go forth and back but you can complete all the quests by using your Adventure Meatball.

Ragnarok Adventure Ball Mission Levelling Guide

Use the Adventure Meatball to buy 10 Mercenary’s Mission scrolls based on your current base level. Now go to the mission board and click on all the 10 quests. You can easily complete all 10 quests right away. This method will add a lot of EXP to your base & job level. You can get Adventure Meatball from your Assistant or by tapping on your pet.

4. Complete all Monster Resistance Quests

Ragnarok M Monster Resistance Leveling Guide

Find the Messenger Monster Watcher NPC which is available in all cities. Monster Resistance gives 10x EXP gain and is a great way to increase your base and job level EXP. It is recommended to complete all Monster Resistance for an extra boost of EXP and best to complete the mission in the suggested map area. You will see your base and job skill level increases faster than before when you take on the Monster Resistance Mission. Monster Resistance limited to 2x per day but can stack up to a maximum of 6 missions. Complete all 6 Monster Resistance and the 10 Mission Board for fast leveling will at least get you up to level once a day. Party up with your guild members or use the Auto Part-up to find players to complete your Monster Resistance quest faster.

5. Complete all Main Quests and Side Quests

Ragnarok Eternal Love NPC Main Quest Levelling Guide
Level up by completing all Main Quests, Mini Quests & Side Quests

Always look out for NPCs with exclamation marks. The main quest gives a lot of EXP and recommended to complete all when you saw one. The main quests are marked with a red exclamation mark on the NPC while side quest is marked green color exclamation. You will get base & job level EXP once you completed the quest.

6. Complete all Bard Story Quests

Story Quest Levelling Guide

Look for the Minstrel NPC for Bard Story Quest. Story type quests can take a long time to complete because you need to kill 300 monsters per story quest. By following this leveling guide, you can quickly complete these story quests by party up with guild members or friends. This will help you kill the 300 monsters faster. You might also need the help of a player in a party with fast attack speed and do high damage to monsters.

7. Join in the Fun, Kill Steal & Level Up

Kill Steal Farming Ragnarok M Guide
Ragnarok M Kill Steal Levelling Guide

What does it mean? You will frequently see a group of players running around killing the same monsters. Activate your auto-attack and join in the fun, you will see your character running along with others killing monsters and kill steal (KS). This will help you complete your monster quest faster rather than killing by your own on by one.

8. Increase Stats and Job Skill Levels

Ragnarok Job Skills Fast Levelling
The more Damage Hit to monsters, the more EXP you will get to level up fast

By increasing your character ATK, M.ATK and max out your job skill levels, you will do more damage to monsters, therefore, gain more EXP for your character.

9. Hiring KittyCat

Ragnarok M KittyCat Levelling Guide

Different KittyCat types yield different effects during your adventures and monster killing. Hire an attacking KittyCat will make additional damage to monsters, therefore, reduce your killing time. E.g Maysa is a mage type KittyCat and will attack monster for you with M.Atk.

More Leveling Tips: There are many articles out there about leveling guide but this post is different from others. If you prefer to watch tutorial video more than reading, I suggest you watch this Ragnarok Mobile leveling cheat sheet video that might help leveling your character faster with extra details.

10. Use Base EXP & Job Potions

Base EXP Job Potions - Labor Travelling Machine Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Using the Labor Traveling Machine in your bag is a great way to boost your base EXP and job level even faster. Send your extra pets to work and earn rewards such as Lightning Chains, monster materials, consumables, base potions, job potions and many more.

Let your pet work at the Item Shop and gain job and base EXP potion every 50 minutes. A potion can increase adventure’s BASE EXP or Job EXP by more than 100,000 points. It depends on whether you get potions labeled ‘M’, ‘L’ or ‘XL’.

11. Use Meteoric Chain

Meteoric Chain Leveling
After the update to Ragnarok M Episode 6 with reduced combat time, Meteoric Chain is introduced to the game. Players can now obtain 4 times more EXP and drops for 30 minutes. Players can get Meteoric Chains by joining events or using the Great Mentor’s License (only available for Mentor). Players can find out how to get Mentor License & increase combat time for longer grinding or leveling in Episode 6.

Cooking Center – Gain an Adventure meatball every 30 minutes. Use the Adventure meatballs and complete the daily Mission Board quest.
Item Shop – Gain a lot of useful items especially the potions for BASE EXP & Job leveling.
Kafra Co. – You’ll randomly receive Big Cat Voucher, Dyestuffs, Kafra Storage Tickets, Teleport Tickets, More coins and many more.
Pet Association – Randomly receive a Colorful Shell or Pet EXP Potion every 60 minutes.
Smile Assistance – gain an Eden coin every 40 minutes.

There goes the top 11 basic fast leveling guide for Ragnarok M Eternal Love and I hope this useful guide will help you level up your Ragnarok characters in no time. Happy hunting!

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