Nomadic Film – Fujifilm Video Recipe For Travel Vlog

Warm Cinematic Recipe For Travel Vlog - Fujifilm X-Trans IV Cameras

Nomadic Film Custom Settings For Video

Film Simulation

Classic Negative

White Balance

Auto, R:4 B:-6

Dynamic Range












Mood: Warm, Cinematic, Movie-Like, Travel

If you are looking for film cinematic footage of your travel videos or vlogging, then the Nomadic Film video recipe is the best video recipe to use without any editing needed. Inspired by the popular Nomadic Mood film recipe, I have slightly altered the custom settings for video use. If you are looking for a vintage and warm look to your video, Nomadic Film is the one to go for. You will be able to shoot without any colour grading needed for your vlog or travel videos, at the same time, create a cinematic movie-like by using the diffusion filter.

The video custom setting is similar to the Nomadic Mood for still images, so you can use both for still images and video to create a series of photos and videos with the same colour tones. Hope you will like, have fun and enjoy shooting videos with the warm tone!

Shooting With The Nomadic Film Video Recipe

During my experiment on this recipe, you can set the ISO to Auto 12800. Don’t worry about the high ISO settings because the video quality still looks fantastic even at ISO 12800; this blows my mind. Combined with the diffusion filter, make it a little dreamy, and you will be happy with the results of your travel videos. Make sure you set the camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) to your liking, or adjust them to the correct exposure.

If you are shooting at night, use wide-aperture and the Auto ISO, and you’re good to go. Shutter speed can be set double the shutter value based on your focal length, e.g., 50mm lens, set the shutter speed to 100mm. You can check out the video I recently shot using the Nomadic film video recipe during my Bangkok trip; great for a travel vlog.

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