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Film Recipes For Video // Movie Custom Settings For Fujifilm Cameras

Fujifilm film simulation recipes for cinematic video. Best custom settings for travel, creative shoots, music videos, cinematic movies and vlogging.

How To Shoot with Cinematic Video Recipes​

Did you know that you can apply and use film recipes for video shoots? If you love to use SOOC film recipes for still images without editing, you might also want to try these film recipes for cinematic videos. It is best for travel, creative shoots, music videos and vlogging use if you want to save time. I’m referring it as saving time because you will have the film recipe baked directly into the video, saving time without going through colour grading for the video. But of course, there are downsides to shooting using a film simulation recipe for video such as you will have difficulty recovering the details such as highlights or shadows if your exposure is incorrect e.g overexposed or underexposed.

If you don’t mind all these colour-grading hassles, then continue reading as I’m about to reveal some video samples and the best film recipes for videos to achieve identical motion pictures and cinematic colour tones.

You can use video recipes with some lens FX filters and ND filters to achieve cinematic and dreamy videos. Some of the video recipes below are fine-tuned to create a certain mood for you, from a blueish to a teal tone to an orange moody tone that you frequently saw in motion picture films or music videos. Although it might not identical to the real thing, at least you get something different and unique for your video shoot projects. Some of the video recipes are selected from the Fujifilm SOOC recipes that are used for low-light or night photography still images, they are then fine-tuned for video use.

I already have 7 new video recipes that you can fill up the slots in your custom settings, you can find the movie custom settings on the individual recipe page.

Cine 500T

Noir Flick


In The Mood For Teal

Film Recipes For Movie

Setting Up Film Simulation Recipes for Video​

Setting up and storing film recipes in your Fujifilm camera for video use is the same as storing custom recipes for still images. Custom settings for video can be quickly accessed and selected using the Quick button on the Fujifilm cameras. First turn the dial to Movie shooting mode, go to Menu > I.Q and scroll down to the Custom Settings menu. Here you can Rename, Edit and Save the custom settings for video. Before you dive into any video settings, watch the Fujifilm video guide below.

If you are using colour grading then you should shoot a video using F-Log, check out the video for a tutorial. If you are shooting using custom video recipes, make sure you get all your exposure correct. The safest way is to bring along the ND filters or variable ND filters, just in case you need one when shooting in bright daylight.