In The Dreamland with Gundam Mobile Suit

Wow what a great lucid dream I have last two days, i actually wrote this right away after i woke from sleep that morning. I just dreamed of Japanese anime, guessed what?

Gundam in my dreamland! I’m not really fan of Gundam but this was it.

It was so random. Started with a jet plane hidden in my home, the robotic plane was sort of in sleep mode and hiding from something until my Bro I guess, activated it and flew out from my house.

Then something trigger an alarm that alert the HQ. A captain got a signal that it’s from my house / not clear its my house.

I saw a captain and his crew landed somwhere and I greeted the captain saying ‘Hi!‘, the captain was wearing a hat with wording called.. Todak? Who the hell is Todak? The name doesn’t exist actually.

Then I was like saying something “Wow! It’s Gundam in our house!” Then I woke up in with really great feeling and wrote this down, remembering this dream for the next one.

There are something you need to know how to get in control of your dream. It’s called lucid dream. All you need to do is to remember the last dream before your bedtime.

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