2017 The Road to Fitter Body & Weight Gain

Build Muscle Program

Recently I started eating nonstop and eat even more than before. That was after I took the supplement I bought on Lazada.

It boosted up my appetite, getting me hungry every 2-3 hours and like opening gate in my stomach, now I don’t have to think of the food I eat, it just all went down.

At first few days after taking it, I was like kind of sleepy and weak, but after my body get used to it, I started eating more, It does makes me feel good and motivated.

Well, before this I thought I’m gonna be a skinny guy for life, but now after lifestyle changed, I can see some improvement, especially hitting the gym. Never thought I’m a guy who workout but it’s kind of additive after that.

Really received lots of eating and workout tips from friends, colleagues and strangers. Have to thanks them with heart.

Okay thank you!

Now I can eat like a horse and workout. Well look like I achieved something before 2016 end.

2017 gonna be greater. Aiming for a Fitter body and gain more mass. Okay that’s it, My 2017 resolution.

UPDATES: I gained 4kg in 1 week. So right now i’m above 40kg already!

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