Addicted To Diana Wang ‘Home’ Remix

The title says it all, I guessed I heard the song somewhere else sometime before, now i bumped into it again on Spotify today, found out her song really good but wondering why so low views on Youtube. I noticed her song “Love Still Exists” are quite similar to Jay Chou style, are they related? Yes, No? Nah…  I’m too slow.

So, here’s the remix version of ‘Home‘ featuring 40 by Diana Wang.

But after comparing it with Tiffany’s “Don’t Speak”, i think i like her more because she’s my 女神.. LOL.. joking but real. Well, nothing to compare about.

Lately after installed my SQ setup in car, which is quite an expensive hobby, i’m also quite obsessed with Kitaro’s songs, Eric Clapton, Jazz music, acoustic and i felt i’m more into audiophile nowadays.

Perhaps I should visit Suzie Wong, the one and only  Canto style jazz bar in Kuala Lumpur? Saw their monthly live performance e-flyer on FB, there are Jazz singers for December 2016.

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