Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques, 6 Ways To Get Vivid Dreams

Basic Lucid Dream Guide, 6 Ways To Get Vivid Dreams

Want to have movie-like dreams? You have come to the right place. Did you notice that when we went to bed and fell asleep, our dreams sometimes looked like movies? Dreams can tell a story and teach us lessons. It can transform everyday information into something truly extraordinary. But the problem is, we are rarely aware of our dreams until after they pass by. And even then we struggled to recall anything more than a face or a feeling.

According to some lucid dream research, a person can get consistent lucid dreams if they know how to control dreams, and this guide will also help you to sleep faster and get vivid dreams.

If you have the same situation as me, this is a good sign to start having vivid lucid dreams. Then lucid dreaming techniques and guide will be able to help you to get more vivid dreams every night.

I have been experiencing vivid lucid dreams almost every night whenever I wanted to and I would like to share my secrets on how to get them.

What Are Vivid Lucid Dreams All About?

Lucid dreaming is when you become aware of a dream while it’s happening. You gain the ability to consciously explore the unconscious mind. You will be watching in the dreams, just like in the movies, action-packed and adventurous. You will be an adventurer and explorer in fantasy realms.

The subconscious mind will take a person to a random dream realm. A vivid dreamer will be able to interact with close friends, family members, and even unknown strangers.

There are few times after some long meditation and then headed to sleep, I did get a really clear vision of my vivid dream. I can still recall these dreams, which I recorded in my dream journal.

So the question is, how can you have vivid lucid dreams?

In this section, I’d like to share with my readers the techniques I’ve used to achieve lucid dreams. So, since I’m guessing my readers don’t want to hear about my fantasies, I’ll just jump right into the topics. Practice these six methods and mastering vivid dream memory skills.

1. Write A Dream Journal

Write Vivid Lucid Dream Journal
The first step to learn how to get a continuous lucid dream is to write a dream journal. All you have to do is write down everything you can remember in a journal book or notepad as soon as you wake up in the morning after having a dream. It doesn’t matter if the dream journal does not make sense to you when reading them. You just want to record down dream memories, and going through them before bed.

You can also keep the phone nearby and easily access the Notes application to record the dreams in a dream journal. You don’t always have to write long, detailed sentences; sometimes a short sentence will suffice. Write down anything you remember from the dream, such as people, places, or events.

Before you went to bed, go through the journal to stimulate more sophisticated dreaming. Always try to remember a dream that is vivid or powerful from the journal. The more that you practice and repeating these dream memory techniques consistently, you will eventually get more vivid dreams and be able to explore the world you’ve created.

2. Wake & Back To Bed

Wake Bed To Bed Vivid Dreams Guide
Another lucid dreaming technique you can try is the wake up and back to bed method. Let say you sleep at 1 am and wake up around 4 am, you will feel sluggish but that is a good thing. All you have to do is close your eyes and concentrate on the purple color or light while breathing deeply.

Using this wake and back-to-bed method will help you enter REM sleep faster. REM sleep is when the most lucid dream happens. Once you have learned this technique, you can also try the sleep awake lucid dreaming technique, an advanced dreaming technique.

3. Do Sleep Meditation Before Sleep

Meditation Before Sleep - Dream Guide
Practice sleep meditation before sleep. You can listen to guided sleep meditation or recordings while you laying on the bed. Some of the sleep meditations can be found on Youtube or Spotify, I found them quite useful and it helps me to fall asleep much faster and sleep better. This method worked best after you take the mugwort tea or other lucid dreams herbal tea supplements in order to enhance the dream.

All you have to do is concentrate, listen to the speaker’s voice, and enjoy the ride. You might start to yawn and feel sleepy. Guided sleep meditation is a way to help relax the body and mind until you fall asleep. This will sometimes trigger lucid dreams.

4. Get Into A Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation For Lucid Dream
Before you sleep, get into meditation or deep meditation. Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair with the spine straight. Make a cushion so you can sit comfortably on the ground. Make sure no one can bother you while you are meditating. It doesn’t matter how long to meditate but the longer the better, and don’t try to force. When you’ve reached a limit, you can go to bed whenever you want.

Also if possible, meditate consistently or every day. Once in a blue moon, there are chances you will get into really powerful vivid lucid dreams that you will always remember.

When I did the guided third eye meditation (strong focusing on the area between the eyebrows), I had a series of movie-like vivid lucid dreams that I remembered quite clearly even though they were not recorded in my journal.

5. Listen to White Noise or Binaural Beats

White Noise Binaural Vivid Lucid Guide
The most effective way to fall asleep faster is to listen to white noise. A study reported that white noise helps to promote sleep and improve sleep quality.

White noise has therapeutic benefits and it trains our brain to relax, allowing our body and mind to feel calmer and fall asleep faster. There are a lot of methods to use white noise for sleep including listening to the waterfall, rain sounds, waves.

My daily routine for good sleep is to listen to rain sounds and a slight thunderstorm works best for me. There are many rain sound apps out there available for download on Google Play or Apple Store. Every night I listened to the rain sounds playlist on Spotify, I would fall asleep in 5 minutes or less. You’re going to sleep like a baby.

To make you get better sleep routine more comfortable, I would suggest to get a good memory foam pillows or wear a sleep mask for your eyes. By using sleep mask, you will be more comfortable sleeping because it helps to block artificial light and maintain hormone balance, that is the health benefits you get from it.

I wouldn’t recommend listening to jazz music before going to bed because jazz instruments can be loud and distracting at times.

By doing the deep breathing technique (which I am about to explain below) along with the rain sounds, you can feel calm and relax and prepare the body for a good sleep.

6. Breathing Techniques & Body Scan

To begin, you must be calm and relaxed. This method of deep breathing before sleep will help to prepare body for rest while keeping the mind awake and calm. Some guided sleep meditation techniques may include the body scan method, in which you scan the body from head to toe for relaxation, preparing the body to sleep, and being ready for a lucid dream journey.

Always remember to repeat, “I am going to have a lucid dream tonight“. You will eventually fall asleep and enter a lucid dream.

Learned Vivid Dreams From Experiences

Here are some of my favorite guided meditations playlists which I’ve often used for sleep. Enjoy!

So, I’m hoping that my lucid dream techniques and sleep guide experience can assist any reader in having vivid lucid dreams. I’m no expert, but I learned this from my own experiences in order to have lucid dreams and get better sleep. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

Finally, the most effective way to have vivid dreams is to remember them from the dream journal, meditate, drink lucid dream herbal tea supplements, and listen to rain white noise to fall asleep faster. And don’t forget to meditate to keep your mind and body calm.

You can also explore lucid dreaming by reading some books and stay safe at home. I may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through the links below

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Happy lucid dreaming!

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