Why Mugwort Tea Is Good For Lucid Dreamers

Mugwort Tea Boost Lucid Dreams

Did you know that drinking mugwort tea can help you have more lucid dreams? The plant mugwort has been used for centuries by ancient cultures to induce lucid dreams. A study conducted found that drinking a mugwort tea before bed increases the percentage of lucid dreams in the REM stage of sleep.

You can easily brew a mugwort tea by adding one teaspoon of dried mugwort to a cup of hot water. When it comes to getting lucid in the morning, it’s important to know when you want to wake up.

There are several ways to do this but the most common is to practice a morning ritual. This is usually something that you do on a daily basis like meditating, drinking mugwort tea, or exercising. Practicing the lucid dream techniques will help get your brain ready for a lucid dream.

What is Dreams Tea All About?

What Is Herbal Dream Tea
Dreams tea is used to enhance dreams. It is consumed in a tea form and is commonly sold at health food stores. Dreams tea contains the herb valerian, which helps induce lucid dreams. It also contains lemongrass, lemon balm, spearmint, hops, hops flowers, passionflower, yarrow, lemon peel, lavender, and skullcap.

How do I consume Dreams tea? For best results, you should drink one cup of Dreams tea at night before bedtime. The tea can be drunk warm or cold. You can buy mugwort capsules, in powder form, or in loose-leaf tea form.

Where Can I Find Mugwort Tea?

Mugwort tea is easy to find online. It’s not hard to find at your local health food store either and also find mugwort tea online such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and many more.

The easiest way to find a mugwort tea for lucid dreaming is to find something that you can take on the go. A capsule or loose form of mugwort tea should be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

I bought my Mugwort tea herb online on Lazada for RM9 (USD$ 2.13) only. What a bargain!

The Benefit of Mugwort

Mugwort is a herb that has many medicinal benefits. One of them is that it can be used as a remedy for stomach problems. Drinking mugwort is one way to get the benefits of this herb.

If you are looking for a way to improve your health, you may want to try using Mugwort. You can use it as an herbal remedy to treat a variety of ailments, including depression, indigestion, and respiratory issues.

If you are pregnant, avoid drinking mugwort tea. Also, if you are under the age of 18, please do not drink mugwort tea. It is also important to note that if you have any kind of medical condition, such as a heart condition or diabetes, it is best to consult with your physician before drinking this herb.

How To Prepare Mugwort Drink?

To prepare mugwort tea for lucid dreaming, this is all you need. First of all, you need to get mugwort herb and boil some water, pour the boiling water into a cup, and then add the mugwort herb.

  • Use 1-2 Teaspoons of freshly chopped mugwort herb and 1 Cup of hot water (preferably boiling)
  • Steep the mugwort in a cup of boiling
  • Let the mixture steep for 10 minutes and then drink it before bed

My Experience of Drinking Mugwort Tea

The first time I took Mugwort tea 60 minutes before bed. I started feeling sleepy and went to bed and recalled my dream journals. I was amazed at Mugwort’s ability to boost and increase dreams. It was a crazy and adventurous lucid dream I’ve ever had. I can still recall how my dream was. It only happened after the wake and back-to-bed lucid technique, and I had about 3-4 series of lucid dreams in a row.

Here was what my lucid dream sounded like…

  1. Saw a monk sitting on the edge of a shiny colorful piano with the moon in the sky behind the glass window, the sun still shining.
  2. Camping in Antarctica with friends, rocky and icy landscape. I have my camera with me. Saw Ken Block ice skiing. Saw beautiful purple floating crystals in the sky. Want to take photos with my camera. Fren went to a shop to buy drinks and returned. Trying to take the pics but too dark and keep adjusting the camera cuz worried the dream will end. Samurai robot guarding my camping area. Ran to a corridor and hide.
  3. Going to a lake with a garden, feeling relaxed. in a boat with friends, saw the icy mountain and trees. Trying to take pictures, unable to get them. Row in a boat saw crystal clear water. Trying to get a good angle of the mountain. While walking ex-colleague took out his Sony camera (800 ST-COM models which don’t exist). Chat with an ex-colleague about the camera.
  4. Went into a corridor, with a friend and a colleague, and go to the next area unlocking a few gate locks with a key. In a city with buildings

I try not to drink the tea too frequently as I don’t want my body to get used to the tea. I make myself drink only on Friday or Saturday night as I don’t have to work on the weekend and felt more relaxed that way.

Other Herbs Option – Anima Mundi Dream Tea or Calea Zacatechichi?

Anima Mundi Lucid Dreaming Tea – Another herbal product to consider is the Anima Mundi herbal tea. The tea is soothing and calming organic, biodynamic loose tea and third eye tonic. Anima Mundi herbal tea encourages restful sleep and a profound deep healing environment.

Anima Mundi tea is a small, family-owned, and operated business that works to preserve the traditions of Mexican culture through fair trade and sustainable farming. The company produces organic herbal teas and coffees which are sourced from the finest quality herbs.

Other than dream tea products, you can try their DREAM Elixir, herbal coffee powder to increase a sense of peace and happiness. Other than Anima Mundi products, the Goli Gummy also enhances sleep, and deep dreaming, helps soothe the nervous system, and supports restful sleep.

Kalea Sacatechichi – The Kalea Sacatechichi (pronounced kah-lay-uh za-ka-tee-kee-chee) is a species of flowering plant from the Asteraceae family. The plant is native to Southern Mexico and Northern Central America< and grows in moist areas around the edges of forests. In Mexico, the plant has been used by the Chontal Indians for recreational purposes and as medicine.

Kalea is an adaptogen that increases resistance to physical and chemical stress promotes healthy circulation, and helps maintain the immune system. Kalea is also known as a mild stimulant, so it can be used as a natural coffee substitute.


Mugwort tea is an ancient and popular way to induce lucid dreams. It is prepared by boiling mugwort leaves in water. There are many cultures that have used this method for centuries to induce lucid dreams, and it has been reported to be very effective. Mugwort tea is a great way to boost your lucidity, and it can be used in the morning or before bed.

This is an additional great technique to use if you want to have lucid dreams. It is not only fun, but it is also very easy to make and pleasant tasting. I highly recommend this tea if you want to learn how to control your dreams.

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  1. Hi! Was the mugwort tea you bought off of Lazada artemisia argyi, called Ai Ye? I’ve read that the common dream mugwort is artemisia vulgaris and artemisia douglasiana, I’m wondering if Ai Ye also helps induce dreams the same way.

    1. Hi, I would suggest you try the artemisia vulgaris, as I’m not an expert in this but the one I bought is Chinese mugwort, which is Ai Ye the one you’ve mentioned. I did have a few vivid dreams. Also, make sure you ‘recall’ the past dream journal before sleep if you have recorded down, which also helps induce more vivid dream. 😀

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