Ford Fiesta SQ Car Audio Demo 2017 (Part 2)

SQ Car Audio Demo

After done with the first SQ sound system demo test and I’m not quite satisfied with the results.

So I’m back again to test more audiophile songs on my Ford Fiesta SQ car audio demo, planning to upgrade the pillar with tweeters, probably in the next coming week, i decided to call the upgrade for my Ford Fiesta Project Kratos, sounds cool huh?

By placing the tweeters up on the pillar at ear level can help moving the sound staging up to the windscreen area. Sound can be more lively. Just can’t wait for this project to complete and doing another SQ demo test.

SQ Car Audio Demo Part 2

Yes, also retest Sukie S Weeping Guitar which i bought recently, at a different angle due to time alignment. Also tested with Song For Joel by Kovacs.

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