Here are some update on my current car audio Project Kratos, as mentioned in my previous post of getting the pillar upgrade and there it goes! Now my tweeters are up on the custom-made car audio pillar, giving better the sound staging than previous set up of having the tweeter sitting on the dashboard. Noticed the sound now much more stable and high frequency are tamed down and hurting the hearing at high volume.

Done the custom fiberglass pillar at car audio shop and it took about 2 days to complete with installation and tuning the Match DSP to make it perfect with the rest of car SQ setup.

Previously when cranking some music at loud level, the highs are really hurting ears! With further car audio tuning, now there are a lot of improvement when it comes to sound staging. Music blend nicely with the midbass and midrange. Instruments can be heard from left to right. The vocal are much higher at the windscreen position now.

Custom Car Pillar Upgrade Ford Fiesta

Car Audio Pillar Upgrade on Ford Fiesta

This 2-way front speakers setup with custom car audio pillar might not be as good as the 3-way setup but I’m really satisfied with the result. And now it’s time for some car audio test videos.

So now I have completed my Project Kratos and will to enjoy the music the way I like. But wait, this might not be the end yet, I might go for the custom subwoofer box and finally upgrade the monoblock.