A Little SQ Demo on Ford Fiesta Car Audio Part 1

It’s Saturday morning and I tried to do a Vlog but failed doing it because i don’t sound natural when talking. LOL. So all i did was a video recording with SQ demonstration on my Ford Fiesta car audio setup with digital signal processor, playing one of my top Jazz song. Well, this is the first demo test and of course you won’t be able to hear the vocals on the dashboard, the crisp sound recorded with a mobile phone or hearing with earphone.

UPDATE: Do check out the second part of SQ car audio test with different audiophile song

And so here we go with my favorite song at the moment with Sukie performing Weeping Guitar and also tested with vocal trance which is something new on my system.

Yesterday i spoken with my tuner and got the news that this coming 23 -25 March 2017, there will be a EMMA Malaysia 2017 / Automechanika car competition happening in Kuala Lumpur, held at KL Convention Centre in KL and i might take this good opportunity to go have a look for an audiophile and SQ newbie like me!

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