Sukie Shek 石詠莉 Listen To Sukie’s Audiophile Album

Sukie S Listen to Sukie's

Listen to Sukie’s is a vocal Jazz album in Cantonese containing 5 audiophile songs performed by Sukie 石詠莉. The album comes with 5 amazing tracks 聽不到的說話 Inaudible Words, 最愛是誰 Who Is My True Love, 如泣如訴 Gently Weeping, 一生愛你一個 Love You Whole Life and 結他低泣時 Weeping Guitar.

One of my favorite songs in my Hi-Fi playlist by Sukie is Weeping Guitar because you can feel her warm & natural vocals in the Jazz song blend well with the notable guitar instruments in the background. You can download her “Listen To Sukie’s” Studio Master HD songs in WAV / FLAC 24bit/96khz from HifiTrack.’

Sukie Shek

Sukie Shek Album Release

Sukie Shek, also known as Sukie S for her new stage name, was born in Hong Kong with a good voice and her vocals always make people deeply feel the appeal of music. In 2015, Sukie won the 2015 Best of Metro Hi-Fi Singer Award. She also released her first recording CD titled “My First Stage Live in 2016” and a new edition release “Welcome 2 My Destination”.

You can also check out her latest interview with Hong Kong Singer Channel

Find out more about her on Facebook for more Hi-Fi music updates.

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