Works Engineering Electronic Throttle Controller Review

Works Engineering ETC Controller Review

Car feeling slow and RPM not responsive enough when you accelerate? So tempting, desperate and bored with my car, I got the Work Engineering E-Throttle controller or also called E-Drive for Ford Fiesta installed at XD-Autowerkz in Kepong.

I’m so excited now.

Oh Yeah GIF
I used to service my car there. Good customer service because not just doing car servicing only they also include cleaning the throttle body, flush deposit in the engine and etc as part of the car service. They will ask before proceeding anything, which I give 2 thumbs up.

Back to the ETC topic, that’s it, I got it in my car, took less than 30 mins to install at the workshop. Plug and play without cutting any wires. Before you start up the car, you need to do some setting on the throttle controller, but leave it to the expert to do it.

Modern car models are drive-by-wire on the gas pedal which is Electronic controlled while older car used the cable that is connected to the gas pedal. There are so many brands of electronic throttle controller selling out there, some come with normal features and some with advanced features.

How Drive By Wire Works?

Just before all these ETC are selling like hotcakes in the automotive market, the first I’ve heard was Potent Booster, which I guess was the first batch that came all the way from China. Tested Potent Booster on my 2011 Ford Fiesta a few years back and it seems triggered the Engine Check Light. Well, that was the old batch, never tried the new batch of Potent Booster. It might work in older Fiesta model after improvement.

Because of that, I decided not to use Potent Booster after a few Engine Check Light On failures, I go for Works Engineering ETC controller. It works like charm.


Works Engineering E-Throttle Controller Ford Fiesta 2011
Something new installed in my car and I’m going to have some fun driving on Saturday night.

Although I’m not really able to try WOT yet but beware, I felt the throttle is very responsive even with a little push on the gas pedal and your car can pick up really quick. Please drive safe and use it responsibly. And don’t drink and drive. Ok, out of topic.

As for the Works Engineering ETC, there are 3 modes that you can choose, from Normal, Eco and Power mode. Normal is the default throttle response, Eco helps to save fuel but haven’t tried it yet. Now, the Power mode is one button to awake the sleeping beast! Sound a little over but it’s true.

Power Mode (Po – 9 steps)
For fast road and racing applications, sharp and instant throttle response

Eco Mode (Ec – 7 steps)
The intelligent way to reduce the fuel consumption while driving in the city

Normal Mode (Nor – 1 setting)
When you do not want any changes to your vehicle’s standard setting

In Power mode with 9 steps up, my car throttle response became even more responsive. The larger the steps in number, the more responsive your throttle is and of course, the more fuel your car will burns. In Power No. 9 mode, it will consume fuel for performance.

I’m complaining something about Ah Beng’s Honda loud noisy exhaust but I think it’s not good to post. So I decided to remove it. LOL.

Okay, I just can’t believe that I’ve gotten the Electronic Throttle Controller for my Ford Fiesta. Hahahahaha. After so long. If you want to get one make sure you contact your nearest workshop and check if the ETC available for your car model. Different car model comes with the different harness.

Thanks to XD-Autowerkz for the electronic throttle controller installation. The price for this item is RM600. If you want to get any of this or other performance parts and is nearby Kepong area, head to the workshop now. They do car service, car repairs and provide performance parts for any car models. Now you know where to go if you want to find a good car service workshop in Kepong.

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