10 Best SPL Competition Songs Playlist

Best Car Audio Competition Songs

Having a good car audio system can be fun for hobbies, car shows, or car audio competitions. Some music is meant to be used for SPL or SQ. In the SPL car competition, the contestant will turn up the volume to certain decibels, to test their sound quality during loudness and measuring the sound pressure levels.

As a music curator, here I’ve selected a list of my own music selection for SPL car audio competition uses. These are bass-heavy music and also can be used for sound quality tests for chest-thumping bass and clear midrange.

Subwoofer Bass Hair
Each song might sound different and might need special tweaking or sound tuning on the system, so choose a few songs that might work with the setup.

I don’t have any car competition equipment but I do have the basic car audio setup for beginners.

Apparently, I’ve tested out most of the songs and I’m sure it worked on a high-end car audio system. For anyone who is looking for car competition music and successfully landed on this post, these are the songs to be included in your car competition playlist.

The best audio format is using a CD or Hi-res Audio. Although some of the songs are quite old and hard to find, these songs can be found via Discogs while Juno Download is the best music platform to find the latest banger dance music.

When it comes to car audio competition, Hip Hop music is mainly used in the USA as well as in other regions, while in Thailand, they have their own unique Thai music remix for competition or car shows.

Below is the editor’s pick for the best music for car competition.

1. No hagas el indio, haz el Cherokee – Cherry Coke Editor’s Pick
2. Dr. Alban – Stop The Pollution Editor’s Pick
3. B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can We Get Enough? Editor’s Pick
4. DJ Snake – Taki Taki Editor’s Pick
5. Martin Garrix – Animals Editor’s Pick
6. Post Malone – Rockstar
7. Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ – Lean On Editor’s Pick
8. ROBPM – Double Slap
9. W&W – God Is A Girl
10. Flo Rida, T-Pain – Low Editor’s Pick

Check out the full playlist on Spotify below

Give it a try, crank it up and I’m sure you will be satisfied with the result. If you did win the competition, feel free to come back to my blog and share this.

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  1. I would prefer rebassed songs by reputable rebassers like DJ russticals or DJ syrin. When it comes to demos and SPL, SQ is a different story.

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