It has been awhile and now I’m back with another post on how to fall asleep faster than ever. I admit I’m quite good at getting myself to fall asleep within 5 minutes and I’m here to reveal the secret. Good news that you might not need sleeping pills anymore.

Do you want to know how to fall asleep faster? I guess you want to know more about it. Are you having difficulty falling asleep, feeling awake, rolling on the bed or having insomnia? That happened to me some time ago, if you’re reading this right now, well you have come to the right page and I’m here to help you to fall asleep, a little faster. I’ve been writing quite a few sleep guide for my EDMDroid readers and I’m here to write my sleep experience, something different for ivanYolo readers, well that’s you!

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Are you still counting sheep when you can’t fall asleep? Nah, that Count Sheep method doesn’t really work anymore. That’s for kids. I’ll show you the real way.

Let’s get started.

Are you feeling awake? A sleepless night is one of the most annoying things to experience. I agree, that not having enough will affect your daily life activities, not feeling energetic or unable to concentrate well. If you’re still reading this, as I have told you, you’re on the right path to having a better sleep.

3 Methods to Fall Asleep Faster

First thing first, you need an in-ear earphone, mobile phone, a sleep app or Spotify installed. Based on my own sleep experience, I need you to follow exactly this guide for it to work. Below are the recommended sleep-fast methods that you can use.

Listen to the right music

That’s right, you need to listen to the right music to fall asleep better and faster. I recommend listening to relaxing Jazz music or sentimental and it works quite well to get me to fall asleep. Relax and clear your mind, only focus on the Jazz music and you’ll drift into deep sleep in minutes. Sometimes it might not work, if you have insomnia, your mind will start drifting far away with all the thoughts, but no worries, just clear your mind and focus. If you still can’t sleep well, best to go for the second method below.

Listening to rain sounds

Based on my sleep experience, this method 100% worked. White noise, natural sound, or Rain sounds is soothing and relaxing, every night I fall asleep in within 5 minutes or more after closing my eyes. I’m not pulling your leg. There are many rain sound apps to download via Google Play, but I recently preferred using Spotify due to good quality rain sounds compared to the rain apps.

Listening to rain sounds whether it’s white noise or natural green noise playlist on earphones will work best. Start up your Spotify, put on the earphones, adjust the listening volume to a safe listening level of 50% – 55%, and let the rain sound play continuously. It is also advisable to choose your most comfortable sleeping position either from the center, left, or right. If you having difficulty sleeping on one side with both earphones on, listening on one earphone will do too. For best result, is to get both in-ears on. The main thing here is to focus and empty your mind and you’ll easily drift to sleep while listening to the rain sound. Here I have compiled a list of deep sleep rain sounds just for you to get started.

ASMR – Whispering voices in your ears

The autonomous sensory meridian response also known as ASMR, become a trend recently on the internet. There is ASMR that makes you sleep, it is a recorded audio with a woman’s voice whispering in your ears. As for this sleep ASMR still new, I haven’t completely tried it because it doesn’t work on me. Although it is some kind of sleep therapy or sounds of feel-good, I felt like it disturbed my concentration even more. I don’t feel sleepy listening but the woman’s voice does get me aroused. LOL. I prefer rain sound more but you can try ASMR if you want to. It might get you to sleep but not me. Below are examples of Sleep ASMR that you can try.

If you’ve finished reading this, do try out my sleep fast methods above and if it helps you to go to sleep faster, do come back here and give me a Facebook Like!


good night…