Play Champion Island Games, Google Tokyo Olympics Doodle

Google Doogle Champion Island Games

When you open up the Chrome browser, did you see the Google logo has changed with a feline and Japanese traditional Torii gate? Once you’ve click on the logo, you will be able to play the Google Doodle Champion Island Games.

You will have to do the Olympics challenges to score points for your team. The sports and challenges you can find in the mini web games includes archery, synchronised swimming, skateboarding, climbing, table tennis, rugby and marathon.

Google’s Doodle Champion Island is a pixelated Tokyo-Olympics inspired retro style mini web games where you have to challenges other players and score points for your team. First, you will start the game in Champion Island and accept a table tennis skill test.

Google Doodle Champion Island Team Select
In the game, you will be controlling a ninja cat named Lucky and you will be asked to choose 4 color teams Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and take up challenges.

Doodle Champion Island Challenges
Up to 7 challenges to join including archery, synchronised swimming, skateboarding, climbing, table tennis, rugby and marathon.

Doodle Champion Island Torii
Move to the gate and press Space on your keyboard to start the challenge.

Google Doodle Champion Island Leaderboard
You can view the leaderboard score under Leaderboard, accumulated by other players around the globe.

Click on the compass on the upper left of the screen to open the map. Click on any of the challenges you want to play and you will be teleported to the spot. Just move to the gate and press spacebar on the keyboard to get started.

To control the movement of Lucky, use the keyboard arrows to move the feline and use mouse to hover to menus. A good way to relax, have fun. Remember to stay safe at home and score more in Champion Island.

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