Top 10 Best Thai Classic Songs Playlist

Top Thai Classic Songs

I have been very careful when selecting songs for my Spotify playlists and it’s not random nor adding without listening. Here I am again with a new list of best Thai classic songs from the 90s onwards performed by popular Thai singers.

The 90s Thai songs and love songs list I’ve compiled is handpicked and listened by ear, so I guess it’s good enough for anyone who loves Thai classic songs. Based on my music taste, there are classic Thai country songs, pop, pop-rock, and love songs on the list and playlist below.

The Thai songs audiophile playlist included below is best listen in the car or to get the ‘mood on‘ while traveling to Thailand. Whenever I traveled to Thailand, I will hook it up, it was definitely a good experience.

Music from Thailand is very unique in its own way and many people love country music because it brings us closer to the Thai culture. Thai Luk Thung is known as country music and there are quite a number of recognized Luk Thung singers, Tai Orathai, Phai Phongsathon, Mike Piromporn, Monkan Kankoon, Yinglee SriJumpol, Kong Huayrai and many more.

About Luk Thung – Thai Country Song

Luk Thung music can be slow or fast rhythm. Slow type Luk Thung is more emotional while fast-beating Luk Thung is modern, more energetic, and happy. The Luk Thung instrument used in modern music usually consists of bamboo flute, drums, guitar, electric guitar, and percussion instrument, which can be heard in some of the music videos below.

So here we go with my Thai classic playlist selections.

Best Thai Classic Songs Goes To…

1. Bird Thongchai – เบิร์ด ธงไชย

2. Tai Orathai – คิดฮอดจังเลย

3. Nittaya Bunsungnoen – เจ็บนิดเดียว

4. China Dolls – โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ โอ๊ะ

5. Palmy – ทำเป็นไม่ทัก

6. Phai Phongsathon – เบอร์โทรนี้มีแฟนหรือยัง

7. Mike Piromporn – กลับคำสาหล่า

8. Mai Charoenpura – ใหม่ เจริญปุระ

9. LOSO – อะไรก็ยอม

10. Saranya Songsermsawad – อยากหยุดเวลา

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