Imagine you are having dinner in an authentic Thai restaurant and found out the songs but unsure who is the singer or song name? The first thing I did is to use Soundhound to check what are the actual songs playing. ส่งใจมาใกล้ชิด is One of the first country songs performed by Tai Orathai, included in my Thai audiophile playlist. Tai Orathai is a popular Thai country singer from Thailand.

After knowing who are the finest Thai singers in Thailand, here I have another Thai country singer I’ve admired. Her songs are a blend of Thai luk thung music, known as traditional Thai song.

All I can say, not everyone listens to Thai country songs, but once you are into it, you will find the uniqueness of the genre. Recently, Tai Orathai also did a collaboration with other singers Getsunova & Phai Phongsathon, and the songs are very popular in Thailand. She also performed most of the latest & old songs in her concerts.

This introduction of this song is very rhythmic with the guitar play followed by the flute and vocal by Tai Orathai. The title of the song translated English as If You’re Gonna Leave, Please Let Me Know, is one of my favorite songs in the playlist.

This is an OST from Crowns of Grass Crowns of Grass TV show. This is the latest single release and a collaboration of two well-known luk thung singers, Tai Orathai & Phai Phongsathon.

Here is an editor’s pick of the Tai Orathai best songs.

1. สิมาฮักหยังตอนนี้
2. สิเทน้อง ให้บอกแน
3. ซังได้ซังแล้ว
4. ขอฮักอ้ายต่อไปได้บ่
5. นิลันดอน
6. สัญญาณอันตราย
7. คิดฮอดจังเลย

I have curated a Tai Orathai’s country songs playlist on Spotify for listeners who want a quick listen to some of the popular country folk/country music by Tai Orathai. If you would like to try some new Thai classic music genre, this playlist just right for you.

Check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram @tai_orathai27 for new music & updates.