Palmy’s Best Thai Songs Of All Time

Palmy Top Songs

If you like Thai pop rock music and would like to discover foreign music, let’s check out my latest finding of good music performed by Thailand singer, Palmy. I’ve been blogging about a few singers like VAVA, Hikari Aoki, Olivia Ong, and the list goes on, guess, I’ll be the first blogger to blog about Palmy’s music and a fan of her now?

I’ve been listening for a month now and kind of into some of her songs, be it old or new songs. Expect some drum beats, guitar strings and powerful voice by Palmy. Some of her songs are quite catchy, sometimes touching and melancholic (for some of her old songs), be it Pop Rock or Rock Ballad style or whatever it’s called, you’ll never stop listening. Well, my ears kind of extraordinary and I can hear that she sings with heart and lots of feeling. 😛

Palmy has a lot of nice old songs back then since 2005. Even her latest songs are played everywhere on radio stations, live bars, etc. Her songs are really good for audiophile collection in case you’re in Thai Pop Rock music. Seems like there are no other ways to get CD-quality or FLAC format of her songs, but I do get to download it on iTunes, including the Greatest Hits.

Here are Palmy’s top songs selection

1. ซังได้ซังแล้ว (ซนซน 40 ปี GMM GRAMMY)

2. สนิทใจ

3. ซ่อนกลิ่น (Sorn Klin / Tuberose)

4. อยากร้องดังดัง (Yark Ruk Dang Dang)

5. คิดมาก (Kid Mak / Think Too Much)

6. Tick Tock

7. ฟ้าส่งฉันมา (Fa Song Chan Ma)

8. อยู่ต่อได้หรือเปล่า (Yoo tor dai reu plow / Stay)

9. กา กา กา (Ga ga ga)

10. ทำเป็นไม่ทัก

My daily doses are Kid Mak (คิดมาก), Yak raung dang dang (อยากร้องดังดัง), Sorn Klin (ซ่อนกลิ่น) and 2019 single Kid Theung (คิดถึง), which I listened almost every day. There are still many songs, but the list above are my favorite songs by Palmy. I hope you will like it too! The translations are based on Google translation and some of my own research, so it might not be accurate. Here I also have my very own Spotify playlist.

Palmy ROCKS!

#songkranfestival Photo : burirum united

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