7 Best Thai Drama OST 2023 – Must Listen

Best Thai Drama OST 2023

I have been exploring and listening to the Thai drama OST for a while and I find them quite pleasing to the ear. It has been my favorite if not the best Thai drama OST song I have been listening to in 2023. I have been into Thai drama series, or lakorns, which have been gaining international popularity in recent years, thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Youtube. There are several latest OST and best Thai drama songs that are performed by a few popular singers in Thailand that should also check out.

I have no idea what is the best Thai OST of all time, as I have been only discovered Thai songs a few years ago. I find Thai drama music tends to be more mellow and relaxing, fitting perfectly with the dramas they accompany. Many Thai series are known for their emotional storylines and heartwarming love stories, and the soundtracks play a significant role in conveying these emotions to the audience.

Favorite Thai TV Series OST

I’m not sure if these Thai TV drama songs are up to your taste but they are personal all-time favorites that I’ve discovered through platforms like Spotify and YouTube. If you’re a frequent listener of Thai music, chances are you’ll recognize the talented singers who have performed these tracks. Choosing ten songs is quite a difficult task for me, so I’ll make it the 7 best Thai drama OSTs for this list.

1. PALMY – Close To / สนิทใจ (Love Hurts / รักร้าย 2023 OST)

That’s right, Palmy has returned to perform an OST song for the latest Thai series of 2023, Love Hurts, which is currently available for streaming on the One31 channel’s YouTube platform. Fans can expect a smooth and dreamy tune from the singer. It is also the opening song for the drama is featured as one of the top Thai songs in 2023, and also you can check out some popular actors and actresses in the series as well. To give you a clue, it was an actress from the Wanthong TV series.

2. Mind 4Eve – Our First Day (Nak / นางนาค สะใภ้พระโขนง OST)

Probably one of my top horror-comedy picks on Netflix is “Nak”, which I have featured as one of the best Thai TV series. The original soundtrack features a solo performance by Mind, a member of 4Eve, a T-Pop girl group in Thailand. The song, Our First Day (วันแรกของวันที่เหลือ) is one of the tracks from their debut album. I was particularly drawn to her beautiful and distinct vocal style. Yeah, I find myself drawn to her beauty too, in the drama. 😛

3. Non Tanont – Lean / พิง (Only You I Need / Krachao Seeda OST)

This is one of the best Thai drama OSTs that I have been listening to on my Spotify playlist and Youtube mix playlist. There are several OST songs for the ‘Only You I Need’ Thai series but these are my favorites performed by Non Tanont. The drama was quite intense and steamy for scenes too.

4. KLEAR – Do You Love Me? / รักฉันรึเปล่า (The Curse of Saree / สิเน่หาส่าหรี OST)

It is one of my favorite Thai drama OST that I’ve listened to on Youtube, the original soundtrack for the drama is performed by KLEAR. It is pretty catchy, soothing, groovy, and chill to listen to. The song is as good as the drama.

5. Ink Waruntorn – If You Love Someone / ถ้าเธอรักใครคนหนึ่ง (Love Destiny II / บุพเพสันนิวาส ๒ OST)

I heard the song before watching the movie and Ink Waruntorn’s vocals have already made me melt. The tune for this song is slow and emotional which matches very well with the Love Destiny II movie. If you haven’t watched the movie, Love Destiny II is available for streaming on Netflix.

6. NEW JIEW – Drown in Tears / จมน้ำตา (The Stone of Affection / มณีพยาบาท OST)

Alright, making it to 10 Thai OST songs is pretty hard. Last but not least, this song has been in my Youtube Mix playlist, and have been listening to it for a while. I haven’t watched the drama but the song with high vocals by NEW & JIEW is quite interesting to listen to.

7. โต Mirrr – Is You / คือเธอ (Bad Romeo OST)

This song has been playing for quite a while on my Spotify playlist and became one of my favorite Thai OSTs to listen to when I’m at work. It is the OST theme song in the series, performed by one of the Mirrr members. The series is available to watch on Netflix.

In conclusion, the Thai drama OST is a treasure trove of beautiful and emotional songs that are definitely worth exploring. Whether you’re a fan of ballads or pop tunes, there is something for everyone in this genre. So why not give it a listen and discover your next favorite song? Watching TV series on Youtube can be tricky as the uploader might restrict the content after some time. Would you like to see which Thai TV series on Youtube you can stream and watch for free? Stay tuned for the next post.

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