Lossless Music Streaming with TIDAL HiFi

Tidal Hifi Lossless Music Streaming

If you think a normal audio quality of music streaming like KKBox or Spotify isn’t enough for you and look for something more in audio quality, why not listen to lossless music streaming that give you fully detailed and richer sound? There are a few lossless music streaming sites out there that are worth subscribing to. This post will be mainly focused on TIDAL, where you can listen to unlimited lossless music for long hours.

One thing I like about Tidal is it’s not too ‘localized’ or geo-targeting like Spotify, in other word Spotify are too mainstream. I always get annoyed with Spotify Top 50, Top 10 list and tracks which are duplicated from everywhere in Spotify. Unlike TIDAL, it features international music-focused from around the world, it’s Hi-Fi music for Audiophile that stream music at 1411 kbps.

Oh well, I’m not saying Spotify is not good. Every person music tastes are different, some like mainstream, some like weird music, just like me.

TIDAL also gives 30 days free trial with the HiFi lossless music quality. Yes, you can try it for free within 30 days without paying anything and listen to any music you like using its highest quality audio setting – HiFi. After the trial is over, you can then decide to continue the subscription or not.

Tidal Hifi Pricing
The monthly subscription fee for Tidal is quite affordable, at just RM29.80 per month you can enjoy high fidelity music streaming and RM14.90 for their normal quality music streaming package all day long.

To get started with a free trial on TIDAL HiFi, you can choose a subscription for Tidal Premium or Tidal HiFi. Other than listening to music, they also have high-quality music videos streaming. After signing up for an account, you will be given choices to download the Tidal desktop player, web player or download the iOS and Android app.

Setting TIDAL HiFi Audio Quality

Tidal HiFi Settings
If you are using mobile app to listen music in High Fidelity audio quality, select Settings and under Quality, set the option for WiFi Streaming Quality & Audio Download Quality to HiFi.

If you are an Audiophile looking for lossless audio streaming and for music that are not too mainstream, TIDAL HiFi is the best music streaming to go for and start the high fidelity music experience with TIDAL now. So now it’s time to hook up your headphones for music or play some tunes on your HiFi sound system.

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