Shanti’s Lullaby ‘Wishing On A Star’ HD Track Review

Shanti Lullaby

After the review of Japanese Jazz vocalist last month, I’m back again in this audiophile post introducing Shanti, a talented vocalist and singer from Japan. The editor’s pick track for this month goes to her single ‘Wishing On A Star’, which was taken from Shanti’s Lullaby album that contained 11 English tracks and 1 Japanese tracks.

Shanti Snyder is a Japanese lyricist, singer, songwriter, and music TV host of mixed descent, based in Japan. She collaborated with Yoko Kanno and lend her voice for the original soundtrack titled ‘Sora’ in Escaflowne the Movie.

One thing i like about Shanti is her strong and beautiful voice. Her vocal is stable and well controlled in each song she sang. The track was downloaded from for only HKD$20 (estimate at MYR 12).

Wishing On A Star is a ballad song with Jazz instruments, one of my favorite Jazz selection so far. The song is available in lossless Studio Master 16/44.1 WAV format and i’m happy to add it to my audiophile collections.

Shanti Brand New Album Release

Shanti Sings Ballads
In December 21 2016, she released her greatest hits with a selection from her seven past albums with 3 new songs. The new album titled Shanti Sings Ballads consist of 12 tracks with a few best picked cover including Time After Time, Over The Rainbow, Fly Me To The Moon and more.

All her songs can also be found on Spotify, just search for Shanti Sings Ballads and you’ll get to listen all her tracks there for free.

The album is available for purchase at 3000yen (estimate MYR 117.23) at
. You can get the album in UHQCD format, so for all audiophiles out there, it’s time to add this to your high definition CD collection.

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