Have you heard about Wunder carpool?

Wunder Carpool

The carpooling app has successfully made their way into Philippine’s roads, helping car owners who already drive to the office each day fill empty seats in their cars and recover some of the cost of driving. The app is expanding its presence in Asia and recently launched the platform in Kuala Lumpur.

By signing up with Wunder, you’ll be part of a social network that connects you with other users with the same commuting route and time. The European app launched in Metro Manila in February 2016 quickly amassed a loyal community with hundreds of thousand people who now share their everyday rides and their costs.

Wunder simply connects commuters going in the same direction and encourages them to ride together instead of driving with empty car seats in traffic. “Wunder buddies” share a maximum of two trips per day (to work and home), split the cost of gas and take extra cars off the road!

Share Rides & Save Cost with Wunder Carpool

Carpooling App
What is nice about the app is the power that it brings to everyday citizens who are empowered with a tool to make a personal impact on the traffic problem. The app is growing fast in Kuala Lumpur with its unique concept which you can check HERE.

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