I started to have some issues with my car’s 2011 Ford Fiesta 1.6L braking system and with the ABS light on the dashboard. I still can use the brake but with the all the brake system lights are on, my car seems not able to rev higher than 3k rpm and seems like it was in ‘limp’ mode. The warning light showed up when I slightly press the gas and reversed my car on the slope. I need to turn off the engine and restart to get the lights off all the time, which was quite annoying. The new Ford Fiesta ABS module price is jaw-dropping. Surprise! RM8k to for a new unit.

The next few days I experienced some really INTENSE moments in the parking lot, my car died while going up the parking. Wow, my car was choking and guess what, this problem is not related to the braking problem. My J1 cold air intake filter leaked due to holes on it. So that day, I planned to reinstalled my stock air filter box, before that, I experienced INTENSE moment again while driving in traffic, having my car choking and dying in the traffic jam and it was raining at that time. My first time so I panic, and I have phobia driving in traffic jam now! Luckily I managed to get to a car accessories shop to install my OEM air filter box (with K&N drop-in filter) 😛 and the problem solved on the spot. No more choking. Check Engine light gone immediately.

Fiesta ABS Problem
Now back to the braking problem on my Ford Fiesta. Done a few fault code reset and get the same ABS module fault code. It seems my ABS pump confirmed dead.

I get a message that the ABS module has arrived and returned to Bug Auto workshop to install the used ABS module which is much cheaper (RM2.5k) than a brand new unit that cost a BOMB. After I get it replaced with the used unit, my car is back in its normal state! I felt the difference while pressing the brake pedal and it’s definitely back to usual.

At the workshop, the mechanics used the brake system bleeding tools and followed the standard procedures to get the job done.

Now how did I get this ABS brake problem? Recalling back, first, the previous workshop which I do not want to mention uses the wrong method by manually pumping the brakes to bleed brake fluid. The second possible cause might be the wrong way of using the brakes while going downhill? I suspected it was the first that caused my ABS pump to fail.

Wow. Seems like I’d already driven my car for 6-7 years. Guess it’s time to change? Not really, although it did give some problems I really like my Ford Fiesta a lot. It is fun to drive! Now I really have to think twice about the car maintenance costs before getting a new European car. As I said, I’m actually thinking of Mini Cooper S, Audi A4, Golf GTI, wow sounds nice and cool but can I really afford to pay the maintenance? The answer is NOT GONNA HAPPEN with my current income. I’m planning to ease my commitment and burden for the coming years. 🙂

But I might go for GOLF GTI! 😛 and well done Bug Auto for getting my car back in shape.