The title might sound familiar to Dua Lipa song’s Mwah Blow Your Mind but it’s not about the song for now. This is one of a kind Marvel movies in Avengers: Infinity War. I remembered in the last Avengers movie shows Thanos at the end credit, the stories begin in Infinity War.

We watched movies and we talk about it.

The starting of the movie already full of the battle scene between Thanos and Thor, Loki and Hulk. Thanos is going after the Tesseract to complete all the Infinity stones that possessed different power. Thanos mission travels from planet to planet to keep the balance of life so that there will be peace. So he needs to get all the Infinity stones including Soul Stone, Time Stone, Space Stone etc that either was kept hidden or carried by other superheroes on Earth.

Proceed with caution! Real spoiler ahead.

Once Thanos got all the stones, he will have the ability to snap a finger and wipe out the entire human race and superheroes in the universe… easily. Even you are on another planet, you still die.

There are many events happened at the beginning of the movie which is quite straight to the point. Thor and The Hulk got their new short haircut and eyes patch that you saw in Thor: Ragnarok. So who died in the beginning in Avengers 3? It’s Loki who tried to assassinate Thanos but failed in order to save his brother Thor. Sad he was strangled to death by Thanos and turned purple. ?

As Thanos became stronger after collecting the stones, he sent his strongest ‘minions‘ to Earth to retrieve the other stones.

It was awesome to see Doctor Strange in Avengers 3 and I think he is the coolest superhero/wizard in the team. He has different abilities than others, controls time and that’s what makes Doctor Strange my favourite superhero in the movie.

There are many Marvel superheroes that are featured in Avengers Infinity War. I was quite surprised to see Guardian of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spiderman all teamed up in the movie. It was like a final battle where everyone came out to fight Thanos by defending the Earth, the universe or whatever. Really breathtaking. Iron Man and Spiderman got their new cool superhero suit.

I’m going straight to the point, in this movie, there is only one end credit where the scene of Nick Fury and his assistant turned to ashes. Before Nick fury completely disappeared, he presses a button for ‘Red Code’ and the scene ended with a mysterious logo. Now everyone will wonder what the logo was all about. So I search around the internet for Infinity War end credit, and it seems the distress message was sent to Captain Marvel!

Done some Googling and Youtubing as well, looks like Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has superpowers that even the Superman can’t defeat her.

Sound freaking awesome!

Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson will show up in the next Avengers for the first time and her solo Marvel superhero movie is coming to the big screen in 2019.

Please don’t mind with my Taobao English.