Audiotec Fischer Match DSP, Car Sound Processor Review

Match DSP

Match DSP by Audiotec Fischer is the ultimate car audio upgrade to high fidelity sound reproduction for in-car entertainment sound system. The DSP is a compact, plug & play 6-channel digital signal processor German product and able to fit in any small vehicles to MPVs.

Their upper range Match products such as Match PP41DSP, PP62DSP and PP82DSP amplifier with integrated DSP are great for car audio enthusiast who don’t want to add extra weight to their car. The compact size digital sound processor by Match can fits anywhere in the car, be it under the seats or hidden beneath the dashboard.

Match DSP, A Monster Out of its Compact Size

Match is great enough to transform and reproduce amazing sound quality in a stock car audio system. With its powerful features include 56 Bit DSP, Paragraphic 30-band EQ, time alignment, remote output, Aux stereo output jack make this tiny DSP a monster out of its size.

In case you are a car audio enthusiast that want an external amplifier to power each speakers and subwoofer and want enjoy the most out of your car audio system, the Match digital signal processor will do great job in producing better sound quality for your listening pleasure.

Tuning the EQ & Time Alignment feature

With today’s latest digital technology, car audio tuning are made easy for car audio enthusiasts by just using their laptop for tuning, therefore giving them more options to fine-tune their sound system, compared to the old school ways of manually tuning of the equalizer knobs and listen by ears, which are frankly speaking, time consuming. Tuning of EQs and time alignment can be use with its free DSP PC-tool software connected through a USB port.

For more accurate tuning and best sound quality, it is advisable to get professional car audio tuner to fine tune your sound system if you have no idea what all the slides & buttons in the software all about. With its 30-band graphic equalizer on every channel, now you can tune each of your speakers to make it sound its best. The DSP also come with a MicroSD slot to let you save your settings to a MicroSD card easily.

By correcting for each speaker’s placement with the time alignment feature, the sound from each speaker will gets to you at the same time, centering the front imaging for your sitting position.

match digital signal processor

Advanced tuning with Filters, HPF, LPF

Not only you can adjust the high-pass and low-pass filter, with Match DSP you can now adjust various filter characteristics with 6 – 30 dB slope and the Q-Factor which widens or tightens the bump at a particular crossover point, giving you a better tuning experience to get the best sound out of your car audio system.

Power Save Mode feature

Match DSP also come with special features of Power Save Mode which reduce power consumption of the amplifiers connect to the DSP when there are no input signal present for more than 60 seconds. The product will be turn on when there are signal received or music played from your head unit. Other special features include Start-Stop capability and intelligent highlevel input.

Plug & Play Digital Sound Processor

The convenient of having this Match product is the plug and play feature. For example, if you are planning to sell off your car, you can use back the Match DSP in your new car, without cutting wires or lose of data but you are required to tune the car audio again after changing to new car as each car are different in size and ambient.

The Match digital sound processor also support optional accessories including universal remote control (URC 2A) and DIRECTOR touchscreen remote control.

Features highlight

  • Powerful “fixed point” Audio DSP with 56 Bit resolution
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs
  • Paragraphic 30-band EQ per channel with ultra-precise 0.25 dB steps, fine adjustment of the individual bands in 1/24 octave steps and a quality setting between 0.5 and 15
  • Time-alignment adjustment in narrow 7 mm steps
  • Various filter characteristics with 6 – 30 dB slope available
  • Inputs: 4 x highlevel, 1 x Aux stereo phone jack 3.5 mm
  • Outputs: 6 x RCA and remote output
  • Extremely compact dimensions: 44 x 185 x 100 mm / 1.73 x 7.29 x 3.93“

Match DSP is a great value for money when it comes to Hifi car audio, add this DSP to your system and let it transform the music just as real life concert in your car.

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