Looks like I need to come up with a weekly workout schedules for each weekdays. Let say from Monday, Tuesday and Thursday do upper body parts workout, and Friday for some heavy or full-body workout, so I can have time to rest to recover from strained muscles, or even unwanted injuries that can affect my day job.

Just recently I strained on my nerve around the chest area and unable to move, breathing heavy lead to pain around the chest area. So I better have a workout schedules! Sounds good and lets get started.

Workout Schedules

Monday – Lats & Traps Workout
Tuesday – Shoulder, Medium Biceps & Triceps Workout
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday – Chest Workout
Friday – Biceps, Triceps, Forearm & Full Upper Body Workout

So, here are the workout plan. Monday to do Lats & Traps so i don’t stress on my biceps and arm the next day at work i still in full energy and not fatigue.

Tuesday to go for shoulder & medium biceps & triceps workout which is again doesn’t strain my muscles, i still have the energy the next day.

Wednesday is rest day and giving time for muscle recovery! And on Thursday, hit the gym again for some extensive workout.

Now the ultimate workout days starts on Thursday, chest workout, i might have a painful chest muscle over the few days.

Alright, for Friday mood will go for the biceps, triceps, forearm and full upper body, since i will be resting for the next 2 day on Saturday & Sunday.

Lets give my new weekly workout schedules a test and trials! Let’s hit the gym!