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It has been two weeks now for having continuous nightmare! My nightmare are quite scary but also quite ‘action-packed‘, there was once i dream of myself becoming a ghost dressed in red flying around people. Gosh! If I tell my friend about this, I’m sure nobody would believe me. For this part I don’t feel afraid at all. I woke up as usual and asked myself what the F this dream all about.

I was quite relax and chilled during the day but not sure why I get these dreams at night.

And recently in my dream which I still can remembered clearly right now, I was running on the rooftop and all of the sudden I lost my balance and fell down from the roof, which was quite high. I woke up with my heart pounding fast and hard just like it was about to blow that kind of feeling. For the last 2 weeks, I felt so tired after waking up and I nearly fall asleep during work.

These bad dreams happened since I bought ‘something’ from Singapore. Not to say I’m superstitious, but I guess it might be the cause but for these few days, it seems back to normal where I only have normal lucid dream.

Ever since I had my very first sakyant on me, I never get any bad dreams, not one at all. I asked one of my Facebook friend and he agreed too. So sometime I just have to believe!

Few years back, I had this experience of screaming in my dream for 3 nights in a row. That only happened right after I went for blessing by a Thai master in Puchong. After the 3 nights of uncomfortable nightmare, my luck was like smooth sailing after that. No kidding. I never starved when I’m in deep sh*t and good opportunity indeed, came to me.

Sometimes I realized when I slept only for 3-4 hours, I will get bad dreams. It happened every time.

Lets forget about the bad dreams. I have something coming and I’m so excited about it and will update in the next few posts or weeks. Out. The Superstitious Me.

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